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The advent of the 3G era for the development of smartphones to provide a broad space, the IPhone 4s the frequency has reached 1GHz, comparable to a "small computer", the application of mobile phones are increasingly humane, functional. Do not want to take a notebook on a business trip, with the iphone can remotely control the operation of the company's computers, to achieve remote mobile office.

At present, there are many remote control software in the market, but because of the shortage of resources due to the rapid development of the network, the original public network IP is no longer allocated, the remote control functions of pcAnywhere, Remote Desktop with windows and so on are more practical in intranet or LAN. However, in the intranet and LAN conditions, the realization of remote control usually needs to do port mapping, greatly increasing the difficulty of telecommuting. In recent years, the rapid rise of domestic remote control software, sunflower remote control as the representative of the domestic independent research and development of remote control system, has been able to penetrate the firewall, can work under any firewall, for remote control, file transfer is simple and fast.

To achieve remote control, the first need to register the Sunflower account number, then on the two sides of the computer installed Sunflower main control and the program, using the account login, the main control terminal in the host list can be displayed online by the host, because the Sunflower remote control software can penetrate the intranet, all regardless of the end of the world in any corner, As long as you can access the Internet can appear in the host list.

Figure 1

By clicking on the remote host online, you can immediately establish a remote connection. It is possible to connect remotely without knowing the IP address of the managed end and it is very fast.

Figure 2

Sunflower Remote control also has a bright spot is to support the Cross-platform long-distance control, whether you are using Android or iOS system mobile phones, as long as the corresponding main control program installed, use the account log in, whether you are on business, in the travel, or in the mall ... Can be at any time on the PC computer remote management operations, as easy as the computer operation.

Figure 3

The official release of Sunflower Remote Control for iPhone1.1 version, provides a powerful Remote Desktop function, but also to achieve a remote boot, Apple can also penetrate a variety of firewalls, in fact, many times this software than QQ Remote Assistance function easy to use, the need for friends may wish to try to download.

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