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Yesterday Microsoft, in addition to the desktop software to push the security update, but also for their own surface series of hardware to push the firmware update, but many surface Pro 2 users in yesterday's firmware upgrade, encountered 80070490 error code, so that users worry about, At present, Microsoft has received the error code feedback, is being processed, if you unfortunately encountered this upgrade error code, you can try the following solution.

In Microsoft's support forum, there is surface Pro 2 user feedback: The Tuesday patch Day firmware upgrade has failed to load, and when the firmware update is checked, reinstall firmware update is not supported, which is depressing.

So how do you solve this firmware upgrade error code problem?

The specific operation is as follows: (Take Win8.1 as an example)

1, using win+x (or right-click the Start button icon), select the command prompt (administrator)

2, stop the System Automatic Update service, enter "net stop Wuauserv"

3, delete the file under this path "C:windowssoftwaredistributiondatastoredatastore.edb"

4, run the Disk Cleanup function of the system disk, "Clean up system Files", and then wait for cleanup work to complete

5, restart surface equipment

6, run Windows Update again, check the firmware update, you can.

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