Symantec Backup EXEC Recovery Database

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Author: User is to use Symantec Backup Exec to back up data and some server files. The following steps are how to recover a database. When we have a problem with our database, or want to recover data for a certain day, we need to restore restore by manipulating the data.

First, from Backup Exec's toolbar, click Mark 1Restore, Mark 2 to create a new Restore Job ...

Tag 3 is the device that chooses the recovery source, if your recovery device has only one, the following three steps are not operable, according to the default.

Here is the selection of recovered data, filter the date of the backup, select the database MDB and log to be recovered.

The following is the selection target type. Because it is a recovery SQL database, it must be Microsoft SQL redirection Select (Tag 13)

Select Mark 16 and Mark 17. Fill in the target service name or IP address. If there is only one instance of the server installed, instance can not fill it out, and it will revert to the default instance. In tag 17, recommends that you create a new database name if it is restored to the same server as the backup.

Tag 18 is for you to check if there is a problem, if not, it will be as prompt. You can be assured that the operation is restored.

The following shows the summary of the newly created job. Click Mark "OK" to start.

In the figure below, the recovery status has been completed by 92%, which is determined by the size of your database.

Refresh it, and in the list of databases, it already appears.

Symantec Backup EXEC Recovery Database

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