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Norton Ghost 12.0 is the gold standard for Windows system Recovery, enabling businesses and IT departments to be able to take a few minutes (rather than hours or a few

Days) to recover from system loss or disaster. To help IT administrators achieve recovery time objectives, Norton Ghost is a server, desktop

or portable computers provide fast, easy-to-use system recovery or full bare metal recovery to different hardware, even virtual environments.

It also has the ability to recover from remote, unattended systems.

Norton Ghost can capture recovery points for the entire real-time Windows system without impacting productivity, including operating systems,

Use program, System Setup, configuration, file, etc. You can easily save recovery points on a variety of media or disk storage devices, including Sans,

NAS, direct-attached storage, RAID, CD/DVD, and so on. When a system fails, you can quickly restore it without having to manually perform a lengthy

and error-prone process.

Norton Ghost can also use another authorized copy of it or Norton Ghost Manager for remote administration, Norton Ghost

Manager needs to be purchased separately, a centrally managed application that provides IT administrators with the overall system recovery jobs throughout the company

View. With Norton Ghost Manager, you can centrally deploy, modify, and maintain local and remote system recovery activities, jobs, and

Strategy, monitor real-time status, and quickly resolve identified problems. You can also create reports to analyze trends over time.

To further extend your recovery capabilities, Norton Ghost is integrated with Google™desktop and Backup Exec Retrieve to

Implement a simple end-user file recovery that eliminates the need for IT intervention. Use the Norton Ghost 12.0 Exchange Retrieve

Option (sold separately), you can quickly restore individual microsoft®exchange e-mail, folders, and mailboxes.

In this release, Symantec launched Backup Exec for Windows Servers System Recovery Option, which is specifically

A simplified, low-cost version provided for the Backup Exec for Windows Servers customers. From small company to large enterprise, Norton Ghost

Are the gold standard in Windows system recovery.

What's new in Norton Ghost

Enhanced ease of Use
The improved user interface simplifies the information and actions you need to know to successfully back up or recover files, folders, or entire computers. For

Norton Ghost Expert, the Advanced page also provides a single view that contains most of the product features.

Windows Vista Support
Norton Ghost is designed to run on the new Windows Vista operating system and has been tested, and it still supports previous

Version of Windows. See table 1.

Improved Ease of Setup feature
Now, with the enhanced Easy Settings feature, you can set up the first backup more easily, and this feature occurs during Setup (except

If you choose not to skip it, this feature will also appear automatically when you run Norton Ghost for the first time. Specify several preferences, Norton

Ghost can begin to back up your computer regularly.

File and folder backups
Limit the backup to include a selected set of files or folders. If backup storage space is limited and you frequently change important documents to back up

, file and folder backups are especially useful.

One-time backup
Do you need to quickly back up your data? You can use the new one-time backup feature to define and run backups at any time without saving the backup job to

For future use.

Desktop Search engine Support
Use Google desktop™ to search for and recover files stored in the recovery point.

Symantec Backup Exec Retrieve is also supported.

To convert a recovery point to a virtual disk format
Convert the recovery point to one of two virtual disk formats for use in a virtual environment.

Lightsout Restore
Regardless of the computer's state, you can recover the computer from a remote location as long as the computer's file system is intact.

simplifies the dispatch editor
You can now easily edit an existing backup schedule without having to click Multiple dialog boxes or complete the entire Backup wizard again.

Managing Backup Data
Because recovery points and file and folder backup data require storage space, Norton Ghost allows you to freely choose the number of storage backups

According to the location and the amount of disk space required. Norton Ghost provides a simple tool for managing backup data, and it can even automatically

Line management.

Improved backup and recovery status
The home page provides backup protection status in a single view. However, you can also use the new backup calendar to view past and upcoming tuning

Degree backup to understand how well the data is actually protected.

Automatic backup target location detection
When a new storage device is connected to the computer, Norton Ghost detects it automatically and prompts you to change the default backup target location to

The new drive.

Browse for missing or corrupted files and folders
Enhanced browsing of files and folders within the recovery point, making recovery operations simple and efficient, and new files and files available

Clip backup function to quickly search for and recover files or folders.

Backups triggered by events
In addition to scheduling backups and manual backups, Norton Ghost can detect certain events and automatically run backups when these events occur, thereby

Provide more protection for your computer.

Performance tuning
Manually adjust the impact of running a backup operation on your computer's performance to better meet your needs at that time. If you are using a computer,

This feature is especially useful when you do not want the backup process to slow down your computer.

If you understand traffic information in network communications, you can now set up network throttling to prevent overloading the network.

Maxtor onetouch™ Integration
If you have a Maxtor onetouch™ external hard drive, just click the button to back up your computer without starting the Norton


Modifiable Symantec Recovery Disk
If you cannot start Windows, you can use the newly enhanced Symantec Recovery Disk (SRD) to recover more easily than ever before.

If the Symantec Recovery disk lacks a specific driver, you can use the Create Recovery Disk feature to create a modified Symantec

Recovery Disk, which contains the correct drivers required to successfully boot the computer to the recovery environment.

Main product Components
Norton Ghost Program (user interface)
The Norton Ghost program allows you to define, schedule, and run a backup of your computer. When you run the backup, you create a recovery point for the computer, and then

You can use these recovery points to recover an entire computer, or a single drive, file, and folder. You can also manage recovery point storage (

Back up the target location, and monitor the computer's backup status to ensure that valuable data is backed up on a regular basis.

Symantec Recovery Disk
Symantec Recovery Disk (SRD) is used to boot the computer to the recovery environment. If the computer's operating system fails, please make the

Use SRD to restore the system drive (the drive on which the operating system is installed).

System Requirements

Windows vista™home basic/home premium/business/ultimate*
Windows®xp with Service Pack 2 home/xp pro/xp Media Center Edition

* 300MHz or higher processor
* 512MB of RAM
* 160MB of available hard disk space
* Microsoft. NET 2.0 Framework (included on product CD if not already installed)
* DVD or CD Drive
* Microsoft®internet Explorer 5.5 or higher (6.0 recommended)

File systems supported for backup and recovery tasks:

* FAT16, fat16x, FAT32, fat32x
* Dynamic disks
* LINUX®EXT2/3 and Linux Swap partitions

Hard drives and removable media supported:

* CDR/RW and DVD+-R/RW drives
* USB and firewire® (IEEE 1394) devices
* Iomega®zip®and jaz®drives

*must meet minimum Windows Vista OS system requirements.


~ Support Vista, running requires Microsoft. NET 2.0 framework~

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