Synchronize Google calendars with Outlook

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Currently, all my schedules use outlook, but some of my colleagues use Google calendars. So I started to search for a synchronous method and found the following method:



Remotecalendars used vsto to develop an outlook plug-in. The web service calls Google API to obtain the data of Google calendars (obtained in ical format) and then parses the data, use the outlook interface to add calendar entries.
Parsing ical uses another project:
Calling Google API uses this project:

I think remotecalendars can be used as a good example for vsto to develop outlook addin.

Currently, remotecalendars can only be installed on outlook2003 or upgraded to outlook2007 after outlook2003 is installed. However, I directly installed outlook2007, so it cannot be installed normally, so ICodeLevel to outlook2007.

I transplantedSource codeAnd InstallationProgramAs follows:

The main porting method is to use the project template of Outlook 2007 addin to copy the code in the original Outlook 2003 addin project, and modify the reference of some assembly and the import of namespace.
To develop Outlook 2007 addin, installMicrosoft Visual Studio 2005 tools for the 2007 Microsoft Office System (also known as "Visual Studio 2005 tools for office Second Edition" or "vsto 2005 se ")
Http:// Displaylang = en & familyid = 5e86cab3-6fd6-4955-b979-e1676db6b3cb

Once Google Calendar is synchronized with Outlook calendar, you can use ActiveSync to conveniently synchronize with Windows Mobile devices. Now I have synchronized the calendar my colleagues shared with me in Google calendars to my mobile phone.

In addition, there is a project that implements the program for directly synchronizing Google calendars in PPC phone:

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