TD-LTE to be commercially available in Shanghai next year

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China Mobile Shanghai company plans to launch TD-LTE trial for commercial use in the first half of next year.

On June 28, at the fifth session of the Shanghai Communications Development Conference, Mao weiliang, deputy general manager of the data business department of China Mobile Shanghai Company, revealed that in the second half of this year, TD-LTE terminal only data card, wait until the first half of next year, there will be mature TD-LTE Terminal out.

TD-LTE is China Mobile's leading 4G technology. Recently, China Mobile announced in Hangzhou and Shenzhen TD-LTE number. According to the plan, a total of 10 cities will carry out TD-LTE scale tests during the year.

Mao weiliang said yesterday, is expected to be the third quarter of this year Qualcomm TD-LTE chip can be pushed out, Qualcomm chip is expected to come out after a period of time TD-LTE mobile phone. "At present, TD-LTE and another 4G standard FD-LTE has a time difference of six months, but the future will be synchronized ."

At present, with the foreign operators to expand FD-LTE trial commercial, mobile phone companies have launched a variety of FD-LTE mobile terminal.

In addition, Chen Yangfan, general manager of Shanghai Unicom's Internet Business Operations Department, said that Shanghai Unicom will soon upgrade its 3G network to 3.75 GB.

At the meeting, operators also disclosed 3G users. Among them, Shanghai Unicom has 1.18 million 3G users, and the average traffic of mobile Internet users has exceeded 207 MB/month; Shanghai Telecom has nearly 2 million 3G users, at present, the average monthly Internet traffic of 3G users in Tianyi has reached 200 M, and the mobile Internet penetration rate of mobile users in Shanghai is about 60%.

According to international standards, a user's monthly traffic exceeding M is a critical point. Beyond the critical point, the user has the opportunity to enter the rapid expansion period of the mobile Internet.

According to other reports, Shanghai Unicom has created approximately 7000 Wi-Fi hotspots this year, totaling 9000, and Shanghai mobile has approximately 6000 hot spots.

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