Team Assignment 1 in week 5th: Project suggestions

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In the current boom in the electronic information age, the hottest topic of team project construction is big data information collection and processing, and of course Steve Jobs leads the emergence of smart phones, the increasing maturity of iOS and Android platforms makes countless mobile app software shine in terms of software development and design. After our group discussion, we decided to develop a code editor on the Android platform based on the flood of times to make full use of its application value, our team project is a mobile code editor based on the Android platform.

(1) Demand Analysis

Code editing software on PC has become commonplace. From visual c ++ to codeblocks, PC occupies half of software development with its unique technical superiority. However, the code editor on the Android platform is not very popular, because the Android platform is mostly embedded development, and the mobile phone screen is small and the memory is low, poor CPU processing capability is a disadvantage in hardware, but the code editor on the mobile phone also has incomparable advantages. From a practical point of view, the mobile phone is easy to carry and has increasingly complete functions, writing code with a mobile phone is much more convenient than a computer with a "brick". From the perspective of software design, mobile app development is based on simple functional logic, high real-time requirements, good structural independence, and rich scalability, in this way, the development of the app software editor can be developed and implemented based on an independent Android platform, eliminating the trouble of interface design and functional design.

(2) Implementation Process Analysis

Our team project is a C language compilation program based on Android. First, we need to establish the software syntax. The syntax rules are basically C and C #. The second step is to design the corresponding function database, wince functions are essential. In addition, there are several C ++ syntax conventions to complete the design work. With a wealth of function libraries, the next step is to design a mobile-side auxiliary program, such as the interface design and component design, to make up for its functional shortcomings.

(3) I learned about the gains and losses of my team's projects through the consultation of senior students last semester.

Before the start of this team's project development work, we specially learned from the 2011 class Beihang seniors and obtained a lot of experiences on software development from them. The biggest success we learned from them is to understand our team, not only what the team members are talking about, but also what they are doing. Therefore, we should try our best to highlight the contributions of team members and support those tasks completed by active collaboration. It is not recommended that one person do the main work, while others only passively accept information. Whether it is team collaboration or individual combat, team discussions are indispensable in improving the programming level, it is an effective incentive for team members to share their work experience and achievements. Sometimes, after several minutes of discussion, some people who complain only on the blog can be transformed into active contributors to the project.

However, we must face up to some of the problems they encountered in the team cooperation process. These problems are even more valuable, because they are both lessons learned and lessons learned. First, in the team, we only discuss the current programming skills and technologies of each person. This is a great waste of energy and potential. This is more effective if you associate the content of your attention with the issues that the team members are working on in the project or daily work. Second, in the process of teamwork programming, according to a technical master ("XX said ......, So ......") And popular ideas ("Everyone is doing this ......") The argument is very common, but will eventually deviate from the point of view to be expressed. The effective solution is code analysis and discussion, which is particularly important in team programming.

(4) We should make the following improvements based on our previous years of teamwork

1. Establish a reasonable limited liability mechanism to ensure that each person is responsible for the project design of the corresponding team and assumes corresponding responsibilities.

2. determine an appropriate feedback mechanism to ensure that each person in the team can report to the team immediately after the problem is discovered, and obtain a reasonable solution in the form discussed by the team.

3. A set of incentive mechanisms with the contribution of weighted points are formed to ensure the unity of team goals and personal values and the improvement of abilities, so that everyone can truly gain gains in team projects.

4. retain and inherit the valuable experience left by the elders, strive to brainstorm on solving problems, and work together to solve difficulties in the learning and design process in a timely manner.

(5) competition analysis

The Android mobile code editor is simple and convenient. Last year we saw the best iPad code editor, which was rare for Android phones, the Android mobile network editor displays some frequently-used characters on the screen. You can click on the touch screen when needed, which has a bright future in China.

Team Assignment 1 in week 5th: Project suggestions

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