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In the fast-paced high-tech market, the design of targeted evolutionary ThinkPad is almost unheard of. In the automotive industry, Porsche is undoubtedly doing well, but I do not think any other computer company can withstand the pressure and stick to its beginner's mind for so long. No competitor can claim to have a deeper historical background or pedigree than ThinkPad. Remember the boom of 1999.5 transparent computers? I still try to forget it. Until today, you can buy a ThinkPad with a clear link to the original concept that Richard Sapper conceived in 1992, a simple black box that has been doing well for many years.

Starting from the 1992 ThinkPad 700c, ThinkPad has evolved over more than 20 years of design, accumulating hundreds of refinements and improvements. After all these changes, some people are very welcome and others are completely unacceptable. But to be sure, no one would want today's ThinkPad to still have the same thickness as the 1992 700c: 56mm. But we know there are some people who love the old ThinkPad and miss the 7-row keyboard. However, the design of ThinkPad must continue to evolve and match the changes in the market environment to attract new customers. Designs that want to make everyone happy are almost impossible, but are we really out of the way?

Over the past time, I have been thinking of a very unique THINKPAD prototype machine. Imagine a ThinkPad that combines cutting-edge technology with the original design style at the same time.
I have made it clear: ThinkPad. Imagine a blue return key, a classic 7-row keyboard, a 16:10-screen ratio, a variety of colors for the ThinkPad logo, a dedicated volume control button, rubber treatment surgery, bare hinge fasteners, multiple status indicator LED lights, and more.

It was like stepping into a time machine, eventually returning to the 1992, but fully armed with modern technology. Although this is not for everyone, I can confirm that there will be a group of people who would like to have such a special ThinkPad, even if they are lined up. Such a ThinkPad is a work that meets the tastes of connoisseurs. Or a stubborn old-fashioned pie?

(thickness approx. 18mm)

(Two thinklights will be better than one?) )

(Design inspiration from the epoch-making X300)

In my opinion, no other computer company has such a design DNA and descent can do this. You can read about what I wrote here. Who wants to buy a semi-transparent fruit-colored sagging computer? Carrying a nondescript beige plastic laptop plus a roller-ball mouse must be retro, but that's no fun. Every creative inspiration in history succeeds, often because it has the power to touch the heart at first. There has to be some way of re-igniting the enthusiasm for its rebirth. This design method has been implemented several times on the Ford Mustang, Dodge Challenger, Fiat 500 and Mini Coope, why not try on the THINKPAD?

I am writing this blog for a lot of purposes, one is to show the ThinkPad concept of re-engraved design. The second is to understand the idea of ThinkPad potential users and to see what consumers expect from their next generation ThinkPad. Keep in mind that you want to put the ThinkPad on the market, which will require a high volume of sales to prove that a lot of research and development work and manufacturing costs are worth it. At this point, I can't promise anything, for the moment, it's just an idea.
And I walked into the ThinkPad design of the time machine. Fasten your seatbelt, sit tight, and share your thoughts. Help me confirm how much ThinkPad this project is, or help me build all the ThinkPad of the future. If you think that we should do a ThinkPad from classic inspiration, or something that will make it better, please speak boldly and we are listening.
--david Hill

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ThinkPad plan ThinkPad Time Machine

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