Training course class and cost management system V3.0, suitable for piano training courses, art training courses, etc.

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1, suitable for the main business is a one-course and part of the group-class training of small and medium-sized courses (non-chain management). Considering the cost of managing information entry, the recommended number of people is below 200.

2, support course management, class inquiry and billing. can automatically arrange classes, support additional classes, series of classes, substitute, under-class, missed classes, marking the non-class functions.

3, with the Student billing function (suitable for the beginning of the month) and teachers month-end pay function. Teachers are paid by the head of the charge and the cost of two classes.

4, the Student class fee and the course price, the teacher teaches the price to be independent but also has the correlation, may the flexible pricing.

5, Student payment cycle support a variety of settings, can be monthly, bi-monthly, three months, half-yearly, year-round payment.

6, to provide hours, fees, compensation and other inquiries and record functions, class hours and pay fees and six classes of class status.

7, support the course inspection, can check whether there is a schedule conflict phenomenon *.

8, with the Rights management function *.

9, using the MDI menu interface, Support tab tab Switch window, easy to operate and friendly.

10, using SQLite small database, query faster, more perfect function.

Training course class and cost management system V3.0, suitable for piano training courses, art training courses, etc.

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