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April 10, the world's leading Internet software technology and application service provider UC--uc in Beijing to release its first PC-side product browser computer version. UC gifted President He Xiaopeng said: "Mobile Internet is replacing the PC Internet as a new network center, mobile phones and other portable devices to make the network everywhere, but the past PC browsers lack of cloud and large data capabilities, can not be associated with other devices. In a mobile-centric mobile internet era, UC wants to create a new next-generation PC browser for its users. ”

The release of UC Browser computer version by the original Alibaba Taobao browser team and UC Browser research and development team to build, both UC browser in the mobile end of the product accumulation, technical advantages and Taobao browser team on the electronic shopping and other PC users need to understand. UC Browser computer version inherits the UC browser "Fast province", "cloud" characteristics and technology, and in the cross screen interactive design and performance has a clear advantage, at the same time, many for the shopping experience optimization related features also make the product more practical.

(Home page simple and fresh)

  The clouds speed up and see faster

UC Browser computer version using dual-core dual engine, with the latest blink kernel and the classic Trident kernel, combined with UC's own U3 kernel technology to optimize and transform the two, to achieve speed browsing, perfect compatibility. In order to enable users to open the page faster or convenient to the next page, UC Browser computer version in the continuation of its own technical advantages, but also for the PC to do innovative product function design.

UC Browser will be a lot of UC mobile browser users very much like the function brought to the computer version, such as the UC cloud acceleration function to the Web page image compression, greatly improve the user's web browsing speed; The intelligent mosaic function can be automatically spliced before and after the page content, so that users do not need to page, a In addition, UC Browser computer version also for the use of the characteristics of the PC to enhance the browsing speed of the function-the mouse to read, UC original mouse hover pre-read technology to the page and the picture did not click to load first, easy to realize the second open Web page.

(The cloud acceleration function can compress the webpage, greatly improve the user's web browsing speed)

  Multi-screen interaction, even faster

UC Browser computer version of a major bright spot is that you can interact directly with the phone. Using cloud synchronization, easy synchronization between different devices, tags, bookmarks and personality settings, a UC account can be done; using a cross screen assistant, connecting mobile phones and computers and other devices, users can manage the mobile phone on the computer, a key to achieve text, file mutual transmission, application installation management operations. In order to allow mobile devices such as mobile phones to better interact with the computer, UC Browser computer version with free Wi-Fi features, so that the computer into a route, so that the phone anytime, anywhere using Wi-Fi. In order to allow users to more free internet, UC Browser computer version of the "Red apricot out of the garden" function can break through the restrictions, easy access to Corporate/campus LAN screen, so that the original can not connect the site will be able to successfully access, more enjoyable browsing.

(through the Cross screen assistant, the user can manage the handset on the computer, realizes the text transmission, the file sends, the application installs manages and so on)

 Smart shopping, buy faster

UC Browser computer version not only continues the UC browser in the product and technical advantages, but also into the Taobao browser team on the online shopping understanding. Users in the Electronic Business platform shopping often need to click to jump to the merchandise page to view the details of the merchandise, and the use of UC large map speed can be quickly preview without a jump--mouse hover do not click on the preview can be previewed large maps and moving map, so that users shopping more worry-saving. It is worth mentioning that the UC plug-in center, widely acclaimed by users, also provides users with a variety of interesting plug-ins for shopping behavior in UC Browser computer edition. In addition to the price comparison plug-in, more for the sea Amoy users powerful plug-ins, according to business address, sea Amoy Plug-ins can be filled with intelligent forwarding address, and provide overseas website Chinese translation, The cumbersome sea Amoy step one key completes.

(Online shopping, users do not need to click, mouse hover to preview the large and moving map products)

  Integrated Thunder, down faster

UC Browser computer version integrated with the Thunder download service, greatly improve the speed of downloading Web pages. In addition, the Thunderbolt users can also be in the UC browser directly login Thunder account, the use of the Thunderbolt members exclusive "high-speed channel." The user is not only good, but also more fun.

(Integrated Thunder download service, greatly improve the download speed of the web)

UC Browser computer version of the release, UC Browser has covered the current four major Internet equipment-mobile phones, tablets, smart television, computers, the initial establishment of its multiple-screen ecology. At the meeting, UC excellent as also officially announced a multi-screen strategy, said the future will also expand the browser products to smart glasses, smart cars and other fields, hoping to achieve multiple screen synchronization interaction, to create a mobile phone as the center, ubiquitous network. He Xiaopeng said: "This UC browser computer version of the release, means that the UC multi-screen strategic layout of the initial completion." In the case of equipment segmentation and intelligent Operating system segmentation, most of the content vendors should solve the problem of cross screen, equipment and cross scene through Super platform, and the browser will undoubtedly be one of the most important portal platforms. As a mobile browser market leader, UC is committed to providing users with mobile phone-centric experience of the ultimate multi-screen. ”

Currently UC browsers have more than 500 million global users in the Mobile world and become the world's largest third-party mobile browsers. In the future, UC will continue to use its mobile browser technology and market advantages, further landing multi-screen strategy. In addition to this focus on the release of UC Browser computer version, the recent advent of the UC browser TV version is also the UC multiple-screen strategy of one of the important products. At this conference, UC browser also released the latest version of the television version of the browser, in the previous cross screen control based on the addition of more interactive elements and cloud function, product ideas and UC Browser multiple-screen strategy. He Xiaopeng said: "In the future, UC browser will appear on more screens, UC Browser's goal is to become the largest multiple screen browser vendors, to provide users with mobile phone-centric, ubiquitous multi-screen internet experience."

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