UltraEdit in utf-8 automatically check the converted Pits

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Compile an ordinary file with UltraEdit, save it in ASCII format, line break is Unix newline character, find Chinese automatically become garbled.
Change a previous edit the normal file, the text memory copy into, save, reopen, or Chinese garbled.

A Baidu toss after, according to the online said, close UltraEdit UTF8 automatic conversion
Advanced-"Configuration-" File processing-"Unicode/utf-8 detection, will automatically detect the UTF-8 file before the radio box to remove the selection.
Close the file reopen, finally Chinese is not garbled.
But other colleagues with UltraEdit Open, found Chinese or garbled, this is strange, I see not garbled, other people see is garbled.
Let colleague also turn off UltraEdit UTF8 automatic conversion, re-open after the Chinese normal.
Why UltraEdit always automatically think this file is Utf-8 format.
Another Baidu, found an article said, "found this problem with the file contains Charset=utf-8 string content." (http://blog.itpub.net/9844649/viewspace-1020661/), thinking that the file has a line of comments
<?xml version= "1.0" encoding= "UTF-8" standalone= "yes"?>
Does it have something to do with this?
Delete the comment, save the file, then check the UltraEdit UTF8 auto-conversion settings, re-open the file, sure enough Chinese is not garbled ....

UltraEdit detects that there is a string of encoding= "UTF-8" in the file, whether it is a comment or not, it is automatically recognized as utf-8.

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