Use WPS Office to teach you DIY Dragon Boat Festival greeting Card

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  Near, near, the Dragon Boat Festival's footsteps will soon arrive. Dragon Boat, Zongzi, sachet, color lines, rice wine and the youth of the outskirts of the color, is a trot to us. As the saying goes, every holiday times festive. In this special day, we should give friends and family some dragon Boat Festival blessing ...

If you feel that writing an email is too formal, sending a text message is too simple. Then do-it-Yourself "DIY" a dragon Boat Festival greeting card, received friends and relatives will feel both new and cordial.

Login Wpsoffice website template download channel Http://, in the search box input "dragon Boat Festival" can download "Dragon nostalgia." As shown in figure:


On the first page of the greeting card, you can write the name of the addressee, as shown below. If you are an office talent, you can also use a variety of WordArt to enhance the display of cool effects.


And on the second page of the card, you can write your own blessings, which can be a time for users to play their own intelligence. If you want to write a literary talent, you can use a small poem; If you want to write more popular, you can use a line of lyrics, if you want to write a little bit more disgusting, here is not to repeat ...


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Not only that, Wpsoffice is permanently free for individual users. June 6 this year, Wpsoffice personal version of Office software download has exceeded the 50 million mark.

In addition, the recent wpsoffice of new moves--its network collaborative Office products are being carried out by the million people, its ipad based mobile office software is also about to be tested.

For more WPS details, please login Wpsoffice official website:

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