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In the morning, I posted an article [WF workflow designer (WPF version) (the code is downloaded in the article) which has a built-in process debugger, if you have business requirements, you can integrate the designer into the business platform.],

Today, many of my friends are interested in the release of Visual Studio 2010 CTP. I decided to write an article about WF in NET4.0 CTP.

This is the code mentioned above [WF workflow designer (WPF)] NET4.0:

This example is used for subsequent tests.

The development interface of VS2010 remains unchanged. I also know him when I wear a horse clip (pai_^)


However, it is useful for the implementation of WPF.



In NET 4.0, the WF class library is upgraded to


The Runtime of the WF class library must be 4. xxxxx


Create a project in VS2010 to be the same as that in VS2008. You can select multiple NET versions.





The Activity provided in the toolbar does not change much. (Note that if the Net4.0 project is created, the following toolbar is displayed, but all the activities are referenced by 4.0)


The following is an example of [WF workflow designer (WPF)] NET4.0.

The reason for using this example is that the WF function used in this example is more efficient and WPF is used. The coverage tested in this example will be larger.








For more information about [WF workflow designer (WPF version)], see [WF workflow designer (WPF version)]




The purpose of this article is not to introduce WF in NET4.0 CTP, but to describe WF in NET4.0 CTP for friends who are learning WF or are developing business platforms using WF.


Different from AspNET1.1 to AspNET2.0

It is different from that of Linq To SQL and Ling To Entity.

Different from WPF/E to Silverlight 1.0 to Silverlight 2.0


WF has basically no essential changes from B1 of WinFX to NET3.0 to NET3.5. It just adds some features. What kind of WF in NET4.0 is hard to say, however, according to the current test, the compatibility is at least good.

After all, as a Foundation for MS, the stability of the architecture is the most important.


Therefore, for those who are learning WF or are developing with WF, my suggestion is that you can completely ignore the difference in the WF version, it is really important to think about how to build your own business with the architecture and ideas provided by WF. as for a few more controls, several more attributes, methods, and events, it doesn't matter in my opinion.




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