What is the IP address IP address made up of?

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What is an IP address? IP address This word has been heard many times but has been unclear what exactly is, only know that the computer Internet to IP address, in order to understand this problem, small compiled a lot of information, the following to share with you.

There are millions of hosts on the Internet, and in order to differentiate these hosts, each host is assigned a special address, called an IP address. Each host can be accessed by IP address. Internet IP addresses are unified by the NIC (Internet Network information Center) for planning and managing global addresses, while Inter NICs, APNIC, Ripe Three Network information centers specifically responsible for the United States and other areas of IP address allocation. It can be said that every computer on the Internet must have a unique IP address, just as everyone has an ID number the same. There are many other categories of IP addresses, as follows:

Fixed IP: Fixed IP address is a long-term fixed allocation to a computer to use the IP address, typically a special server to have a fixed IP address.

Dynamic IP: Because IP address resources are very scarce, dial-up Internet access through the telephone or ordinary broadband Internet users generally do not have a fixed IP address, but by the ISP dynamic allocation of a temporary IP address. Ordinary people generally do not need to understand dynamic IP address, these are the computer system automatically completed.

Public addresses are owned by the Inter NIC (Internet Network Information Center Internet Information Center). These IP addresses are assigned to the organization that registers and applies to the Inter NIC. Direct access to the Internet through it. Private address is a non registered address and is used exclusively within an organization. The IP address consists of a 32-bit binary number, which is 4 bytes, and each byte is made up of 8-bit binary digits. To facilitate memory using the decimal notation, the 4-byte binary value is converted to 4 decimal digits, and 4 segments are separated by a decimal point. For example: binary IP address: 11001010 01011100 01111000 00101110 convert decimal notation to:

What is the IP address made up of?

The IP address is made up of four digits, separated by small dots, each with a range of values between 0~255 (including 0 and 255). is between And these 4 numbers are made up of two parts, the previous part is called the network identification, the latter part is called the host identity. This can be divided into the IP address A, B, c three categories.

Class A ip:*.?.?.?

Class B Ip:*.*.?.?

Class C ip:*.*.*.?

The "*" above represents the network ID, "?" Represents the host identity. The network ID represents your computer network in the internet belongs to that public network, and the host identifies your computer in the public network location. If you are using a local area network can be queried under the IP address and compare the neighbor look.

A little bit more knowledge, after you know what is the IP address, the P address is composed of what.

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