What if the MathType symbol is too small?

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1. After opening the MathType editor, enter the equality quadrilateral symbol and the letter ABCD in the work area. When you enter, you will find that the equal quadrilateral symbol in front is a bit too small, and looks very uncoordinated with the following text.

Equal quadrilateral Input Method specific steps please refer to the Tutorial: MathType How to enter the equality quadrilateral symbol.

Enter the equality quadrilateral symbol and the letter ABCD in the work area

2. In the edited formula, select the parallelogram symbol, select the "Size" menu in the MathType menu, click "Symbol" in the Drop-down menu that appears, and this time you will find that the original equality quadrilateral symbol is bigger than the original.

Select "Size"--"symbol" After selecting the equal quadrilateral symbol

3. If there is no change, select "define" in the "Size" menu, and in the pop-up menu, add the value of the "symbol" column. Then proceed to step 2, so the problem is solved.

To modify the value of a symbol in the Define Dimensions dialog box

Tip: This method also solves the problem of MathType symbols, but this time you need to use the action in step 3 to make the size of the symbol smaller. The root cause of the symbol size is its numeric setting, which changes the size of the symbol as soon as the value is changed. more wonderful knowledge please note Triple tool software Tutorial column

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