What should I do if your Apple ID has been disabled? What should I do if my APPLE ID is disabled?

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Your Apple ID has been disabled. What should I do if a user finds a problem while logging on with the Apple ID and prompts that the Apple ID is disabled? How can we solve this problem? The following section describes the solution in detail.

What should I do if zookeeper's Apple ID is disabled?

Zookeeper if your account has an Apple ID disabled, it may be caused by the following problems.

Cause 1: your Apple ID number has been logged in too many times on different devices.

Cause 2: It may be because you have told other friends about your account, or shared your Apple ID to others and forums.

Cause of repeated attempts: the password is incorrectly entered multiple times.

When your Apple ID is disabled or disabled, when you log on to your itunes account, it will prompt that your account has been disabled, and then click Reset, select the authentication method (answer the password security question or email verification). After verification, enter the account and password to unlock and you can log on again. It is best for friends to change their passwords regularly and keep them in mind.

If multiple logon attempts fail in the account, iTunes Store may disable the account to protect its security if it has not been logged on for a long time. At this time, even if the password is entered correctly, it cannot be directly entered. You need to reset the account password once before you can access your account. Go to My Apple ID (Click here to go to the Apple ID page) and click "Reset Password ". The password is hard-pressed --> What should I do if I forget the apple id password? Apple ID password retrieval and modification tutorial.

In fact, the retrieval method of the Apple ID number is relatively simple, but it is very troublesome to disable it frequently. Therefore, you should pay attention to protecting your account.

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