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Web|web Services either Microsoft. NET or SunOne are all based on Web service (Web services), and companies are focusing on Web services. What exactly is a Web service? Look at what the company says.


Web services are the core of. Net
Microsoft's definition of Web Services is a Web component that can be programmatically accessed through a standard web protocol. "Software is Service", this is already a trend of software development. Future software vendors like today's telecoms companies, users can rent the services of a software company according to time. Web services can be said to be the core of the entire. NET plan, and simply put, Web services are a standard for remote access. The advantage of it is that cross-platform, HTTP and soap are already the common protocols on the Internet, and the second is to solve the firewall problem, if you use DCOM or CORBA to access the Web build, will be blocked outside the firewall, and the use of soap does not have a firewall problem. The development of Web services requires more software vendors to develop Web services and more web-based software services.

All this is achieved by combining tightly coupled, highly efficient n-tier computing with a message-oriented, loosely coupled web concept. We refer to this computational style as a Web service, which marks the beginning of a new era in the application development technology of mankind. A Web service is an application that uses standard Internet protocols, such as Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and XML, to be functionally programmatic in the Internet and intranet. The Web service can be treated as a component programming on the Web. In theory, developers can integrate Web services into an application by invoking the Web application Programming Interface (API), just as they would invoke a local service, unlike web API calls that can be sent over the Internet to a service located on a remote system.

Sun:web Service is the internet

Standard components replaceable in the architecture
"Intelligent Web services are of great significance to the information age as the key role of replaceable standard components in the industrial age," says Scott McNealy, chairman and chief executive of Sun Corp., at Sun one press conference. ”

Web services apply to any type of web environment, whether on the Internet, intranet, or extranet, with emphasis on communication between the Enterprise and the consumer, enterprise, and Enterprise. A Web service consumer can be a person with a desktop or wireless access service, an application, or another Web service. Web services should have the following features: Web services can be accessed through Web Access; Web services provide an XML interface; Web services enable XML information to be communicated through a standard web protocol. The Web service supports loosely coupled connections between systems.

When it comes to Web services, Sun adds an intelligent three word in front of it. It emphasizes the ability of Web services to analyze specific user information and to share user information with other services. It can be based on "who", "what", "when", "where" and "why" and other factors, generate dynamic compliance with user needs results.

In order to make Web services intelligent, it must be able to identify the consumers who are serving, the security policy associated with the consumer, the consumer-related service strategy, and the access devices used by the consumer for this service. At the same time, intelligent Web services should also know the past history of the consumer's enjoyment of the service.

In the SunOne Intelligent Web Services strategy, XML and Java technologies are the key to this loosely coupled interoperability. XML provides a standard, platform-independent data structure to represent contextual information, while Java technology accesses and utilizes these contextual information through a platform-independent programming interface standard set. Not only that, Sun is participating in and leading the technology development definition of open intelligent Web services, including Java technology, XML, EbXML, SOAP, UDDI, and much more.

Ibm:web Service is the infrastructure of e-commerce application

IBM believes that Web services make communication and interoperability more efficient, reducing coding processes and human disturbances. The dynamic e-business strategy being released by IBM is an extension of the current e-business strategy. Over the past two years, IBM has been involved in the development of Web service standards and has announced support for Web service standards in several products. Unlike its rivals, IBM provides only the infrastructure for Web services, enabling businesses to adapt to changing environments.

IBM has invested billions of of billions of dollars in web services, effectively combining the product XML (Microsoft) and Java (Sun), the two big rivals. When a user's Web service needs both (Java for application development, and XML for information dissemination), IBM can provide a unique solution with a truly open implementation standard rather than a proprietary standard. Over the years, IBM's technical capabilities in hardware and software have enabled it to solve difficult problems for companies of all sizes and to support non-proprietary solutions, thus enhancing multi-platform compatibility, which is essential in today's E-commerce marketplace. IBM's dynamic e-business will be maintained in standard terms, with a competitive strategy, with only half of the Web services completed, and a fully functional infrastructure software that enables Web services to be used as part of intelligent trading, workflow, and business process management.

BEA: Give full play to the potential of distributed business

Web services can be described as protocols, agreements, and network facilities that can expose business functions to authorized parties via the Internet. In short, Web services are specific business processes, it can: expose and describe itself; Web services can define their own functions and attributes so that other applications can understand it and easily provide this functionality to other applications; other services can find its location on the web, can be invoked, and return a response.

Any component or application can be used as a Web service for use by other components or applications. Similarly, any application on the BEA WebLogic server can find and request Web services from anywhere on the web, even if the Web service is located on another platform. Multiple Web services can be centralized into one application, either simple Web services (such as viewing stock prices) or complex supply chain integration and management based on transaction processing (such as truck load optimization and routing).

BEA divides Web services into two categories: simple Web services and complex Web services. Simple Web services provide basic "request/Response" functionality, which is not inherently a transaction-oriented service, and is not secure. Complex Web services will change the way the industry is doing business, but it will provide a framework for trading partners to collaborate through the Internet. BEA also offers simple Web services and complex Web services, and takes them as part of the BEA WebLogic e-business platform. In addition, BEA works closely with standard-setting agencies to guide the development of relevant Web service standards.

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