Win7 Upgrade WIN10 Activation Guide-view preinstalled win7/8/8.1 pc built-in System activation key (OEM key) method

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1.aida64 view built-in win8/8.1 OEM Key

First download the Aida64 tool: The predecessor of AIDA64 is Everest. In the 16-bit system era Everest called AIDA16, with the emergence of 32-bit technology renamed to AIDA32, and then renamed the Everest. Now its developer Lavaaida6lys Company has been Finalwire acquired, became now the name--aida64.

[Download title= "AIDA64 download" info= "v3.00.2529 Beta" Time= "July 4, 2013" capwsys= "Xp/vista/win7/win8/win8.1″ " Extreme Edition
Commercial edition

Available Registration Codes

AIDA64 Extreme Edition (Extreme Edition):
AIDA64 Business Edition (commercial version):
3nb91-34vd6-1adg4-3dply-tm1puu3jx4-jf4db-wbdaf-8dmny-98zj63l6f1-lupd6-cvdgx-zdpfy-tncjm3r6ey-83ed6-jfdgt-gd2my-tcjwl339jy -afudb-37dah-td28y-txec1

The Windows 8 operating system has been perfectly supported since AIDA64 2.60 AIDA64, and has been fully supported by Windows 8.1 since 3.20. Complete detection of operating system details, installed program manifests, security software information, and more in Windows 8/8.1, Windows Server 2012 release, and support for next-generation Windows Defender, support for Windows product key decoding, Windows Product Activation Status detection

2. Test your own Activation code

Follow the steps shown to open the motherboard ———— ACPI ———— The string behind MSDM,SLS data is the built-in key.

3.WIN10 Reload system automatic activation using the computer's built-in key precautions

First Note: Be sure to confirm the pre-installed system version

The following editions are available for free upgrade to WIN10 Home Edition:

· Win7 Simple Version

· Win7 Family Normal Edition

· Win7 Family Premium Edition

· Win8 (without suffix, SKU version core)

· Win8.1 (without suffix, SKU version core)

· Win8.1 with Bing version (with Bing edition)

  The following editions are available for free upgrade to WIN10 Professional Edition:

· Win7 Professional Edition

· WIN7 Flagship edition

· WIN8 Professional Edition

· Win8.1 Professional Edition

· WIN8 Professional Edition with Media Center

· Win8.1 Professional Edition with Media Center

  The following editions can be upgraded to Win10 home Chinese version free of charge

· Win8 Chinese Version

· Win8.1 Chinese Version

· Win8.1 Chinese version includes Bing

  Free upgrade to WIN10 family Single language version available below

· Win8 Single language version

· Win8.1 Single language version

· Win8.1 Single language version with Bing

A second note: Select the correct image and installation method

if you want to automatically activate after installation, you need to ensure that the Setup program gets the built-in key correctly during installation. General installation methods, such as virtual CD-ROM installation, booting from USB drive/CD-ROM (not installed under PE), using NT6 HDD installer to implement local hard drive boot installation is no problem. Other installation methods are not guaranteed.

Note: If the installation fails to see if the hardware is incompatible, try to use the original memory bar.

4. Whether the query is permanently activated

WIN10 Permanent activation Query method is very simple, as long as you first use the Windows + R combination shortcut to open the Run Command box, and then run a few commands, specific:

Run: The SLMGR.VBS-DLV command can query the activation information to WIN10, including: Activation ID, Installation ID, activation deadline, and so on.

Run: The SLMGR.VBS-DLI command can query the operating system version, some product keys, license status, and so on.

Run: The slmgr.vbs-xpr command can query whether WIN10 is permanently activated, as shown in

Run: The Winver command can query the system kernel version, as well as the registered user, as shown in:

This article for the author collation, query activation Code section from the Bean blog,

The Check Commands section is taken from Yongheng article It is hereby stated.

Copyright NOTICE: This article for Bo Master original article, without Bo Master permission not reproduced.

Win7 Upgrade WIN10 Activation Guide-view preinstalled win7/8/8.1 pc built-in System activation key (OEM key) method

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