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Beijing time July 26 News Corel's WinZip

Computing Company launched a grand winzip®15 for the world's leading application in Windows®

The latest version of the file compression, encryption, and compression email attachment optimization software. Backed by powerful features of a new WINZIP compression engine, WinZip 15

Delivers faster speed and enhanced performance, further streamlining of ribbon interfaces, new desktop gadgets for easy access, and compression and mailing capabilities to integrate directly with microsoft®outlook® and leading network messaging systems. With these new enhancements, WINZIP is faster and easier to use than ever before.

A breakthrough in functionality can easily integrate winzip®15 into everyone's workflow

· Unique desktop gadgets can use drag-and-drop functions to access important WINZIP work in real time;

· Further adjust the Ribbon menu design and more intuitive icons;

· Innovative compression and mailing features ease of sharing compressed file cases, easy integration with Microsoft Outlook and common network messaging systems, as well as advanced options for "best compression Technology" compression, file encryption, and automatic change of picture size;

· Enhanced backup e-mail support is now available to automatically transfer backup files and log files from almost any e-mail or network mail address after the backup is completed;

"We know that through a tool that is perfectly close to people's day-to-day activities, organizations will derive maximum benefit from compression and encryption," said Patrick Nichols, president of WinZip. Compressed file cases should not go through the trouble or interrupt your work. WinZip 15 is designed for any enterprise that wants to ensure that every employee has the best use of compressed and secure data. ”

New WINZIP engine for the next generation of winzip® products into the wings of Take-off

WinZip 15 incorporates a new compression architecture that improves performance to improve the way in which compressed files are created and shared across multiple platforms. Now, incorporating the WinZip 15 Professional version of Windows and the latest release of WinZip Mac Edition, this new technology will also lay the groundwork for ipad® action products for iphone®, android® and WinZip, which are to be Listed in early 2011.

"With the redesign of the WINZIP compression and encryption engine, we are able to incorporate the powerful features of the WINZIP in our unique new offerings to serve our customers on the new platform." WinZip will write a new chapter in its history by expanding our new offerings for Windows, Macs and mobile devices, while fulfilling its responsibilities as an industry standard. "Nichols added.

In addition, WINZIP 15 can support WINDOWS®XP, Windows vista®, and windows®7.

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