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WPS Office for Mac Chinese version click to download
WPS Office for Mac Chinese Edition is an office software suite developed by Jinshan Software Co., Ltd., which can realize the most commonly used words, forms, presentations and other functions of Office software. With low memory footprint, fast operation, compact size, powerful plug-in platform support, free massive online storage space and document templates, support for reading and exporting PDF files, fully compatible with Microsoft OFFICE97-2010 format (doc/docx/xls/xlsx/ppt/ PPTX, etc.) unique advantages. Cover multiple platforms such as Windows, Linux, Android, IOS, Mac, and more. This site provides free WPS Office for Mac Chinese download, detailed installation tutorial please refer to below.

WPS Office 2016 Installation Tutorial 1, after downloading the software resource pack from this site, unzip it, you will get a "WPS Office for Mac 1.0.0 133 beta version. Pkg" of the executable program file, we double-click to open it to run

2, the installation interface appears, we click "Continue"

3. There is a license agreement issue, we click "I accept", and then click "Continue" to proceed to the next installation.

4, this step click "Continue" will appear need to enter the password, we enter the native MacOS boot password can be, and then click "OK"

5, the software into the automatic installation, because the software is large, the installation process may consume a little time, please wait patiently.

6, the installation is complete, click Close.

WPS Office 2016 tutorial Tips "from unidentified developers, files are corrupted, disks cannot be mounted" and MacOS Sierra does not show "any source" solution ↓
1, Situation one: double-click. DMG installation Package "Cannot open the following disk image" Warning, may be the file download process has an unknown problem or not download the complete, the solution is to re-download the installation package;
2, Situation two: "The app is damaged, can't open." ", or" not open. Because it comes from an unidentified developer "solution;
(1), open "security preferences"-"security and privacy"-"general";
(2), click "Unlock" in the bottom left corner
(3), tick allow "any source", Lock small lock
3, MacOS Sierra 10.12 does not show "any source" solution: Open MacOS Terminal, and then the "sudo spctl--master-disable" Copy, paste in the terminal window, hit enter, prompted to enter password (power-on password), Enter the password, the password is invisible, after the loss of the return, may be "any source" will be displayed again, check it, lock the lower left corner of the small lock.

Software function wps text
1. Header footer: Under the Header and Footer tabs, increase the entry for header top distance and footer bottom distance
2. Table: Support "Content" to adjust the table width
3. AutoText: Supports AutoText and AutoText fields
4, Domain: Support set field, specify new text for bookmark
5. Shortcut key: Support SHIFT+F12 and alt+shift+f2 saving files via shortcut keys
WPS table
1, Function: Add Maxifs, IFS, minifs switch, formulatext and other functions
2. View: Support frozen first row or first column
3. Shared workbook: Add and edit annotations are supported in shared workbooks
WPS Demo
1. Templates: Support Custom default templates
2, file format: Support read ppam and PPA format documents
WPS Public
1, Trust Center: New Trust Center settings, you can set the macro file trust path
Software features one, WPS Office text
1. Page number
When inserting page numbers, you can select the page style, position, and application range directly.
You can also delete page numbers based on the range, which is intuitive, simple and efficient.
2. Word Tools
The "smart formatting" in the "type tool" is the bane of the document.
The document content can be quickly and easily formatted as a basic specification.
3. Paragraph layout
By dragging the way, the text content is intuitive to set the "first line indent",
"Hanging indent", increase or decrease "line spacing", etc., the operation is efficient and convenient.
4. Table Tools
WPS text will be used in the form of functions, the control point of the way on the table intuitive
Display, convenient for users to operate quickly and easily, efficient time-saving.
5, go back to the last edit position
WPS text added back to the last edit location feature, smart
Can remember the last edit position, continue editing more convenient
6. Footnote endnote increase [1] format
WPS Text added footnote endnote [1] format, you can directly make
footnote endnotes in [1] format.
7. Add watermark Freely
WPS text, free to set the watermark content, form, location.
8. Chapter Navigation
Cover table, header footer Insert section, delete section, merge
To the previous section, edit the chapter name ...
With chapter navigation, all section operations, so easy!
9. Diversified document output
Output to PDF: Export the document to PDF format
Output as a long picture: Export the document as a picture format
PDF to Word document: Convert a PDF document to a Word document so that you can edit the changes
PDF to Picture: Convert PDF document to picture format
Picture to Text: Extract the text from the picture.
10, online template rice husk son
Massive exquisite template, professional, nutrition, intimate.
Second, WPS Office table
1. Support Counting Filter panel
Filter to count the same amount of content, and support the export, table statistics more efficient.
2. Individual screening
The steps to filter the individual conditions in Excel are:
1) Uncheck the "Select All" check box
2) Select the criteria you want to filter
3) determine
In the WPS table, just click "Filter this item only",
You can quickly set up the filter criteria for quick and easy.
3. Reading mode
The selected cells are highlighted (the highlighted color can be customized),
Clearly demonstrated to prevent the right to see the wrong data of the row.
4. Highlight Duplicates
You can highlight duplicates in one click and reject duplicate values.
Can quickly find duplicate data, effectively prevent data re-entry,
Fast and efficient.
5, the special processing of Long data
"Intelligent" processing of input "Long data" ensures the integrity of long data,
Avoiding unnecessary distress to the user also simplifies the procedure.
6. Highlight
Thousands of data, how can you find the key information you need?
With [highlight], 32 mouse clicks,
This information is immediately visible in front of you, no hiding.
7. Diversified document output
Output to PDF: Export the document to PDF format
Output as a long picture: Export the document as a picture format
PDF to Word document: Convert a PDF document to a Word document so that you can edit the changes
PDF to Picture: Convert PDF document to picture format
Picture to Text: Extract the text from the picture.
Three. WPS Office Demo
1. Magic Wand
WPS offers hundreds of templates that can be easily applied to slides with one click.
Easy to change the slide to a variety of clothes, the total set to impress you.
2. Online layout
When the pictures and shapes are mixed, what are the objects of the picture and shape? What are some of the styles in the catalogue?
How to design the transition page ... The online layout is easy to handle, making the slides more professional.
3, Fan Wenku
A huge selection of essays for you to choose from.
4, More design solutions
Slide more design, this time we
Let your presentation win more applause.
5. Custom Master Fonts
Set the font to be a recruit! The custom master font is fundamentally
Meet your individual requirements for font settings.
6. Presentation Tools
Each time you edit the presentation document, enter the text to reset the font,
Can't you just smart a little bit? Let the WPS demo provide you with more intimate and quick settings!

WPS Office for Mac Chinese version v1.0.0

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