Xbox One initialization-2 activation (bestv) and configuration account

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The Chinese version of Xbox One is available in bestv. Therefore, one step is to activate it with bestv.

You also need a game account to log on to the console, record the progress of your game, play with your friends, chat, and purchase creden。 for the game. Account: Windows Phone and Windows Live Id 1 -..


Continue to initialize the action. Next, configure the action for the account.

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The order of my images is a bit messy. The following two images are activated for bestv, and the following images are configured for the Xbox Live account.


You need to enter a mobile phone number to receive the verification code sent by bestv.

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Enter the verification code of bestv and then confirm to activate the host.

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Next, configure the Xbox Live account. What is this account? You can use your MSN account, Hotmail account, Windows Live email account, or account. In addition to Xbox, this account can also log on to Windows 8, Windows Phone, office 2013, onedrive ......

If you do not have these accounts, you can select "get new email" to get a new account.

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Enter your account password

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Microsoft's privacy is still very good. Microsoft has never experienced data loss problems plagued by Hollywood actresses in its public data center operations for nearly 20 years.

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Preference settings, such as facial recognition logon.



Make sure that you are the only person in front of the Kinect camera, and that the name appears near the face of every person on the screen after the next step. Xbox is asking, is that you. Next boot, you do not need to select login, as long as you appear in the Kinect identification area, your account can automatically log on, very good function.

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Your Avatar

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The theme color is the same as the theme color on Windows. Each user can select a different color, which makes it easy to confirm that the user is logging on.

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Continue to share the Xbox One experience ......

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Xbox One initialization-2 activation (bestv) and configuration account

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