Xen Virtualization Combat Series (iv) methods for expanding disk space by Xen virtual machines A

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Note: It is recommended to add a virtual disk file to increase disk space by adding LVM logical volumes to the virtual machine. The creation process is as follows.

1. DD Creates a disk file

# dd If=/dev/zero bs=1024m count=4 >/data/test_01new.img

2. Turn off the test01 virtual machine

3. Modify the new virtual machine configuration file

# vi/etc/xen/test01

# Modification Instructions:

# (1) name

# (2) UUID changes the last few data

# (3) change to the actual path, note the disk number when you add a new disk.

# (4) Vif modify the MAC address of the NIC to change the last few data

See more highlights of this column: http://www.bianceng.cnhttp://www.bianceng.cn/Servers/virtualization/

Name = "Test01"

UUID = "Cc49eaea-fb0c-5239-c055-bdafcf209cab"

MAXMEM = 512

Memory = 512

Vcpus = 1

bootloader = "/usr/bin/pygrub"

On_poweroff = "Destroy"

On_reboot = "Restart"

On_crash = "Restart"

disk = ["Tap:aio:/data/test01.img,xvda,w", "Tap:aio:/data/test_01new.img,xvdb,w"]

Vif = ["Mac=00:16:3e:44:ee:07,bridge=xenbr1,script=vif-bridge"]

Note: If you use LVM logical volume, use the following parameters, using logical volumes in the Xen virtualization environment in a large number of uses, so that the maximum utilization of disk performance.

disk = ["Tap:aio:/data/test01.img,xvda,w", "Phy:/dev/lvmdata/var01,xvdb,w"]

4. Start the virtual machine

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