Zimbra Mail system Common command-line operation

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Zimbra Open Source Messaging system command line common operations

Change HTTP login mode to HTTP\HTTPS login mode

$ Zmprov ms Zimbramailsslport (change HTTPS to non 443 port)

$ zmtlsctl Http\https

$ tomcat RESTARTSMTP Authentication Error Resolution

Zmprov ms ' zmhostname ' zimbramtaauthhost mail.example.com log Server error Resolution

$ Zmprov GetConfig Zimbraloghostname

$ Zmprov modifyconfig zimbraloghostname mail.domain.com View System parameters You can view system parameters through the Zmlocalconfig-s command

$ postconf//View all configurations for Postfix

$ zmlocalconfig//view configuration information for various components

$ zmlocalconfig-s|grep zimbra_ldap_userdn//view DN of Zimbra account in LDAP

$ zmlocalconfig-s|grep zimbra_ldap_userdn//view password for Zimbra account in LDAP

$ zmlocalconfig-s|grep zimbra_mysql//view MySQL configuration information change system maximum message size: View maximum system message size, display current system maximum message 10M. $ postconf Message_size_limit message_size_limit = 10240000 Changes the system maximum message size to 20M.

$ Zmprov modifyconfig zimbramtamaxmessagesize 2048000

$ postfix Reload Change system maximum Attachment size: Allow maximum attachments to be changed to 5M for all accounts in the system

$ Zmprov modifyconfig zimbrafileuploadmaxsize 5000000 allows the maximum number of mail2.domain.com accounts in the system to be changed to 20M

$ Zmprov modifyserver mail2.domain.com zimbrafileuploadmaxsize 20000000 change Administrator Password:

$ Zmprov gaaa//List all administrators

$ Zmprov SP//change Administrator password for example: Zmprov SP admin q1w2e3r4 or Zmprov sp admin@wish.com q12e3r4 change LDAP password:

$ LDAP Status (start)

$ zmldappasswd--root newpass (Root)

$ zmldappasswd newpass (zimbra) change MySQL database password:

$ mysql.server Status (start)

$ zmmypasswd--root Newrootpass

$ zmmypasswd newpass Change logger MYSQL database password:

$ logmysql.server Status (start)

$ zmmylogpasswd--root Newrootpass (Root)

$ zmmylogpasswd newpass (Zimbra) Empty mailbox

$ zmmailbox-z-M rootking@wish.net emptyfolder/[inbox][chats][sent][drafts][junk][trash]inbox (Inbox) chats (chat) snet ( Sent Items) Drafts (draft box) junk (junk e-mail) trash (Deleted Items)

Backup Restore LDAP

1. Backup LDAP (two commands are equal)

1), Ldapsearch-h Server external address-x-d "Uid=zimbra,cn=admins,cn=zimbra"-w password objectclass=* > 201014.ldif

2), Ldapsearch-h Server external address-x-d "Uid=zimbra,cn=admins,cn=zimbra"-w password > 201014.ldif

2, restore the LDAP ldapadd-h server external address-x-c-D "Uid=zimbra,cn=admins,cn=zimbra"-W Password < 20101214.LDIF

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