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Recently, a dormitory in the company has a Shanghai E8 package and an IPTV device, but the problem is that more than three computers cannot access the Internet. This must be intolerable. However, ZTE has never touched this device before. I don't know how it got it. I checked a bunch of information on the Internet and probably understood why;

First, describe my device and network environment:

Device Model: zxv10 h608b

Hardware version: v1.1.02

Software Version: v1.102t06 _ e

1. this vro can be said to have a backdoor in China Telecom and can be remotely connected for configuration. By giving me only one account with normal user permissions at the bottom of the machine; however, you cannot configure routes in this account. You must have the superuser permission. You can configure the vro in the following ways:

Access: http: // TelecomadminPassword: Ne7ja % 5 m

If not, it means that the router has been blocked by China Telecom and another method is required for cracking;

After entering the vro, there are several important configurations. In the network information, you can view the network parameters:

There is a "Maid tr069_r_8_46", which is said to have been used by China Telecom to connect vrouters. The deletion on the Internet will not affect other functions;

The other "2_other_ B _8_85" PVC is used for pppoe dialing by IPTV;

Another important parameter is "3_internet_r_8_35" or "3_internet_ B _8_35", which is used for broadband routing or strip numbers. Different provinces, but most of them use 8/35;

If you want to use the device of ZTE for routing, the problem is that the number of users is limited by 4, and it seems that there is no way to crack it. Unless the bridge mode is used, a vro is added to the backend, this is equivalent to treating ZTE's device as a pure ADSL cat.

After entering the super administrator permission interface, some hidden options can be configured:

1. When FTP is enabled, you can enter http: // gch in the address bar of the browser? PID = 1002 & submenu = advanced & nosubmenu = 0 & nextpage = tools/update_t.gch & Title = FTP & Path = tools-% 3 EFTP & nextgch = tools/update_gch.gch & nextjs = tools/ update_js.gch: enter a page, select "Enable FTP" and wait for the page to be automatically refreshed. After refreshing, the FTP function of h608b is enabled.

In the address bar of the Resource Manager (that is, open "my computer"), enter ftp: // and. copy the conf configuration file to the local device. Open the deployment board and find telecomadmin and ne7ja % 5 m. Change them to your username and password respectively. Save the file and copy it to FTP: // to replace the original file.

In this way, you can "Download" and "Upload" the configuration file. By changing the configuration file, you can change some information that cannot be configured from the GUI;

2. Prevent Telecom from re-configuring your device:

Network => Remote Management, acs url: After the web site into a http://www.csdn.net (this Web site casually changed, anyway, not the original telecommunications on OK), and then click "OK ".

(The original website address is the server address remotely controlled by China Telecom, so it must be changed)

Network ==> broadband settings, delete all connections from the "connection name" drop-down menu! (Before deletion, it is best to check the PVC settings if the connection fails. The reason for deletion is that some connections are automatically connected to the Telecom server to control your h806b)

Management ==> Remote Management: change "TR069 Remote Management" to "middleware Management"

(TR069, all referred to as "CPE Wan Management Protocol ". It specifies the general framework and protocol for the remote management configuration of the home gateway, which is used for the remote centralized management of the home gateway "h608b" from the network side "Telecom)

All of the above operations are performed before the telephone line is inserted!

3. configuration file backup:

Management = device management = USB backup configuration. After a USB flash drive is inserted to the ZTE device, you can directly perform "Backup configuration". The "quick recovery switch" is checked and confirmed, and then the device can be restarted.

After the backup, you can see a folder like this on your USB flash drive: e8_config_backup; of course, if you restore it, the directory structure in your USB flash drive will also be like this, otherwise the device will certainly not be able to find it.

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