7 graphs tell you the difference between a successful person and a loser

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7 graphs tell you the difference between a successful person and a loserChong Fu Bang2015-06-08 11:22

Experienced some beautiful and sinister, read a few chicken soup and poison tongue, you should already know: success and failure is not the difference between black and white, but how to manage life with wisdom.

True intelligence is not opportunistic, the real idiot is not a loss of tolerance, dare to bear, happy to praise, good at learning is the real smart people, with great wisdom, afraid of losing, loser mentality, to their own dishonest people, is the real big idiot, and eventually will be abandoned by the world Oh!

Take a look at the following 7 kinds of mentality contrast, come up with your high EQ, success and failure does have the luck ingredient, but you do not choose right and wrong, then luck and talk about it?


Successful people want to be successful, unsuccessful, disappointed others fail.


Successful people constantly learn new things, unsuccessful people feel that they have mastered everything


Successful people are willing to share the mistakes of others, and unsuccessful people will only accuse others


Winners are happy to praise others, and unsuccessful people are good at criticizing without any constructive


Successful people are tolerant of others, and unsuccessful people are brooding over trifles.


Winners talk to you about interesting new ideas, and unsuccessful people are passionate about making right and wrong.


A successful person dares to meet a change, and an unsuccessful person fears change.

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7 graphs tell you the difference between a successful person and a loser

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