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Active|server asp+ is designed to be backward compatible with previous versions of the ASP, and in some cases only minor changes are required. You can in the existing
Windows 2000 Server, asp+ is installed with ASP. This allows you to experiment with the new version without a separate test.
Server. You can continue to use an existing ASP application and migrate it to the asp+ when everything is ready, so your input to the ASP
Will not be lost.

But simply moving the application to asp+ can only enjoy the fur of the benefits offered by the new version. Asp+ has a lot of new
Features, making the use of greatly simpler, more powerful, more efficient running time, want to use these advantages need to asp+ how
Have more understanding of the work.

At the Professional Developer 2000 meeting, Microsoft released a preview version of asp+ to let the developer see what it could do,
And be excited about the possibility of writing a dynamic Web application with significantly reduced code in the future.

It looks like it's been a long time, but actually the active Server Pages exist only a little over 3 years. It began to be in
At the end of 1996, but it developed rapidly, has become the current in Windows Environment Server side Web application development of the main
Technology (other platforms that use other execution methods also accept the same syntax, such as chilliasp). But it didn't come out of nowhere,
It originated in a long time ago.

Server-side Dynamic Web programming

Traditionally, dynamic Web pages are created with server side executable programs. A standardized Web server interface specification,
Called Common Gateway Interface (CGI), allows an executable program to use all the information that is introduced from the client.
The program can then generate all the output that constitutes the return page, (HTML, script code, text, and so on), and then through the web
The server sends it back to the client.

To ease the burden on programmers so that they don't have to create executable programs, Perl-like languages use an acceptable
An application for text-based script files. The programmer writes out only the script, and the WEB server executes it with a Perl interpreter.

Microsoft has introduced another Web server interface with their Web servers, Internet Information servers. It is called
Internet Server Application Programming Interface (ISAPI), which differs from CGI in that it allows compiled code within a dynamic link library
Executed directly by the Web server. With CGI, the code can use all the information in the customer request, which produces all of the returned pages

Most of the development of Microsoft's Web domain is based on ISAPI. An early and short-lived product is Dbweb, which is
A data access technology that provides a range of search, filtering, and access to data and client interactions stored on the server
Formatting features.

The second development is the Internet Database Connector (IDC). It turned out to be a huge shock to developers, because it
Not only fast and efficient (unlike dbweb), but it is more general and easy to program. IDC introduces the concept of templates, allowing programming
People easily adapt existing HTML pages, take advantage of its main parts, and build new applications around it.

IDC uses two text files for each "page". The first is a simple script that defines a database based
How the server collects data. Essentially, it is an SQL declaration plus some configuration information.

{This is the query file named GETUSERLIST.IDC}
+ from person order by UserName;

The server executes this file to get the result recordset, and then loads a template file:

{This is a extract from the template file named Getuserlist.htx}
〈td〉user name:〈/td〉
〈select name=selusername〉
〈option value= "〈%username%〉" 〉〈%username%〉

Templates are just plain Web pages that contain HTML, text, and other objects, but one or more of them are specially inserted
The demarcation placeholder. The syntax of these placeholders and other simple program code structures supported are very similar to those of ASPs. So, ASP
Actually evolved from here.

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