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App Store download installation software method

This is very simple we click on the App Store icon on the phone, and then it will enter the Appshop, where we can find the favorite software click to download, waiting to download Ann automatically installed on your Apple phone.

itunes connection computer Download installation software

1 Download and install the new itunes software on the computer and turn it on, connect the iphone5s to the computer with the data cable.

2 in the "Song" Interface Click "Scanning Media", itunes will automatically scan the computer to display all the music files.

3 Press the "ALT" key on the computer keyboard, the menu bar appears above the interface, click "File", there are two buttons in the list to download music to iphone5s, "Add Files to database" To download individual music files to iphone5s, "Add Files to Repository" You can download music from your computer's folders to iphone5s.

4) will be automatically copied to the iphone5s after a good selection.

5 There is another way to download music. When you select a song by pressing the file key or the CTRL key in the song list, click the right mouse button and click on the top device name in the "Add to playlist" sub list to quickly download to the device.

Download the installation software with the Apple Helper

1, download quick with the Apple helper: Install after download

2, running fast with Apple Assistant, search box search you want to download software, such as small series search is: Mo

3, search results after the selection of the software you want to download, the mouse to move to the software above, there will be "Download" button, click it, as shown in the picture

4, after downloading, open the upper left corner of the "Download Management", as shown in the picture

5, open the download management can see already downloaded good software, click the "Install" button, as shown in the picture

6, finally, the software has been downloaded and installed successfully

Four, Apple download software slow reason (first download "Group test ping value Software"

Step One: get itunes download server domain name (no user action required)

To obtain the itunes download server domain name We need the support of the software, we choose the more Classic Wireshark network protocol detection software, through which to crawl the itunes software networking information.

Open itunes first and get ready for a software.

We first have to open the itunes software, go to the App Store to find a software to download, and then open Wireshark to monitor our network, because the itunes request resolution download server domain name is the HTTP protocol operation, so we filter out other items. After you select the network card Click Start can be monitored.

Obtaining the domain name for request resolution with grab package software

After listening to start with the fastest speed click to download the software just found in itunes, and then download the start can stop Wireshark monitoring work. We can see in the figure above that we have found the address of the domain name that itunes sent out to resolve.


The next part of the domain will not change each time the request is made, the previous part will change between the a1-a2000, so we only need to establish the domain name and the fastest server mapping in the host configuration file.

Step Two: get the Fast server IP address (no user action required)

Last operation we completed the host configuration file to find the domain name, now we only need to find a faster server address can be said to be done. How to operate it? In fact, by replacing different areas of DNS domain name resolution server, so that we use the grab software will get many different server IP address.

DNS server addresses can be searched online

Server IP address changes after DNS replacement

In order to get a better speed, we can try some DNS, such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, where we have set up servers in the region, through their resolution of the address generally faster and close to us. The author from the internet to collect some of the forum users summed up the address, has been placed in the test group test ping value of the software package pinginfoview_hosts.txt file. Let's use this software when we can import these collected addresses.

The IP that is collected is placed in the file of the compressed package

Above is the author collects the download server IP address, this thanks the forum netizen hard pay. In addition to the address in the file, we can also add to the inside, directly to the IP address copied to the file on the line.

Step three: get the Fast server IP address (users need to operate)

Speaking of which, it is finally up to you to take the steps yourself. Here we need to open the group test ping value software--pinginfoview mentioned earlier.

Open the main screen click the "OK" button in the pop-up window

Pick the IP address with the shortest response time

To make it easier for readers to see, I closed some columns, leaving only relatively important to show you that in these test results we need to select the IP address with the shortest average response time, so we can download faster.

Step Four: Modify the Host file (user action required)

OK, the server domain name and IP address we all solved, the last step we just need to add them to the host configuration file.

Double-click the above entry to see the details

By double-clicking the entry in the results list, we can view the details, from here we can copy the IP address information, I am still very lazy ...

Before we mentioned the itunes request of the download server domain name is floating before a1-a2000 an address, so we have to build 2000 mapping, of course, one input is too cumbersome, in the compression package has a bulk replacement text this piece.

Open this file to replace all previous IP addresses

Open the compressed package in the host batch replacement text document, which lists all 2000 entries, we just need to use the previous IP address to replace the address we just picked out. The next step is to put all of them into the host configuration file.

Locate the Hosts file for configuration

Choose to open with Notepad

Modify Hosts File

All we need to do is copy the contents of the hosts batch replacement file, and then save it.

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