Apple iOS7 How to find its own device location

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The "Find My iphone" feature includes:

1, positioning on the map: on the full screen map to see the approximate position of the iPhone.
2. Send a message or play a sound: You can write a message that will appear on the IPhone screen, or play the sound at the maximum volume for two minutes, even if the bell/mute switch is set to mute.
3, Remote password Lock: Allows you to remotely lock the IPhone and create a four-digit password (if you have not previously set the password).
4. Remote erase: Allows you to protect privacy by wiping out all the media and data on the IPhone and restoring it to factory settings.

"Important" You must open "Find My iphone" in the ICloud or MobileMe settings on the iphone to use its features, and only open "Find My iphone" in one account.

1, using ICloud to open the "Find My iphone" method: In turn, enter the "Settings" > "ICloud", and open "Find My iphone."
2, using MobileMe to open the "Find My iphone" method: In turn into the "Settings" > "Mail, Contacts, Calendar," click on your MobileMe account, and then open the "Find My iphone."

How to prevent being traced?


In the iphone setup, not only can the specific application of the positioning service to switch operation, but also the service of the whole machine can be closed. There are two ways to operate, the following Apple Garden Small series for your decomposition:

Method One: Modify the privacy law. Advantages: Quick. Disadvantage: Low security, does not support encryption;

1th Step: Open the iphone and find the "settings" icon, slam into;

2nd step: in the "Settings" option, find the "privacy" sub-item icon, click to enter;

3rd Step: Find "positioning service", the default state is "open", click into the detailed settings;

4th step: in the positioning service, located at the top of the positioning service is the total shape, click on the right side of the slider can be the entire positioning service closed. Below is the current mobile phone involved in the application of positioning Services list, blue indicates that the application positioning service has been opened, click on the switch can be a single program to close or open;

Set the total switch and the partial switch for the positioning service

To turn off the position Service master switch

Method Two: Modify the access restriction method. Advantages: The location service can be encrypted and locked. Disadvantage: The steps are more troublesome;

1th Step: in the "Settings" option, find the "general" sub-item icon, click to enter;

2nd step: in the general settings, locate the access restrictions. By default, the item is turned off, next we will open the option and click Enter;

3rd Step: Enter "Access Restrictions", at this time we will see the main list of many applications are grayed out, to modify, first click on the top of the "Enable access restrictions" button;

Step 4th: Because of the large access restrictions that will affect many important settings, Apple enforces a four-bit password for security reasons. Press Keypad to enter the password, in order to prevent the next person peeping, the password on the phone will be unified to point display;

 5th step: again enter four-digit password to ensure the same password as before, and remember;

Step 6th: After the password is successfully set, access restrictions will be available, and the program items in the master list can be modified. Slide down the list to find the "location service" in the privacy option;

Open the "Locate service" in privacy

7th step: Enter the positioning service details set, turn off the Positioning Service button. Notice the difference from the method one. In addition to the total switch below and the application sub-item switch, there is a lock option on the top, which allows the user to select "Allow changes" or "do not allow changes." When you choose not to allow changes, you enter the encryption state. Whether it is set on the total switch or the application's partial switch, the normal user will not be able to modify the positioning service by using a method that modifies the privacy option.

Example Show

The above positioning service settings in the Apple Orchard Small series for you to provide two ways, which method two although the steps are cumbersome, but can be encrypted. Here's how to show the effect before and after the encryption.

The following two comparisons are made using method two to set the "Do not allow changes" comparison in the location service. Figure 1 Select Allow changes to open the settings-privacy-positioning service to see that all items can be modified. Figure 2 Select Do not allow changes, open the same item at this time, all the options are gray and cannot be modified.

Figure 1: The Privacy location service is modifiable (access restrictions allow change mode)

Figure 2: The Privacy location service is not modifiable (access restrictions do not allow change mode)

Attention matters

1, use the method of setting access to the password, please be sure to keep in mind after setting, otherwise only through the brush machine recovery;

2, if you are worried about the loss of mobile phone, do not have to completely disable the positioning service, the list can be "Find My iphone" open, through the computer access to icloud mobile phone positioning tracking;

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