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BKJIA exclusive translation] for Microsoft, it has been changing and improving IE at a very fast speed recently. However, compared with competitors, IE still lags behind other browsers in terms of new features, features, performance, and standard support.

For the current (and future) version of IE, the biggest disadvantage is the lack of support for the platform. The IE 9 to be launched can only run on Windows Vista and Windows 7 (for IE 8, only Windows XP SP2 is supported ), competitors can not only run on Mac and Linux platforms, but also on earlier versions of Windows.

However, Internet Explorer is the biggest player in the browser market. It has made some progress in terms of functions, especially in terms of standard support functions. Most current Web 2.0 applications can run in Internet Explorer.

For IE, the biggest hope is the upcoming version 9 of the browser. From the test version, IE 9 is expected to be the most outstanding IE browser version we have seen so far. In most aspects, the features and functions of IE 9 are difficult for competitors.

Like other coming browsers, IE 9 also has a Chrome-like interface, and supports HTML 5. Internet Explorer 9 also makes full use of hardware acceleration technology to improve media performance. Moreover, it has some outstanding integration features on Windows 7 and can add Internet applications to the system.

However, if Microsoft is still the same as usual, IE may fall behind competitors who are more agile and innovative. If Microsoft wants to avoid this dilemma, it should try to come up with at least one new version each year (or even two new versions each year), rather than launching the new version of IE every two or three years.

One basic fact that cannot be changed is that (since it is almost impossible to uninstall IE), every company running Windows uses IE as a supported browser at least, whether it is a main browser or a secondary browser. For enterprises that have been using Windows for a long time, IE will be a good choice, because it can indeed be well integrated with other applications (such as Microsoft Office; microsoft's Internet applications (such as SharePoint and Outlook Web) run more smoothly on IE. the source and source of the original article .]

Original article: Browser Guide: Choosing The Best Standard For Business Author: Jim Rapoza

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