CM Domain name Batch jing chopped Thorn finally stable bloom

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CM Domain name Batch jing chopped Thorn finally stable bloom

September 18, 2009, CM domain name finally truly open registration, since the stable open registration to now has one weeks, in this week let a lot of rice farmers were play the spirit, all hope that this can bring a good start, and the CM before ordered the domain name also with the elimination of obstacles and real-time effective. CM Domain name after one months of "tribulation" finally published, let love it's rice farmers were gratified unceasingly.

Why is cm domain name welcomed by global domain name investors? In fact, it has its own high station value, high investment value, high flow input and a series of advantages is enough to attract investors, rice farmers were has always been very sensitive to good meters, valuable domain name means that there is harvest, so like cm such a special domain name how will not attract them? According to domestic domain investors revealed that the CM domain name only this year for the global open registration, because before a foreign domain name investors buy a paragraph, used to do parking. Now finally open to global registration, this is already many domain name investors have been waiting for a long time.

Since August, a lot of domestic investors have come to the era of the Internet to consult the CM domain name open registration, the more some advance payment order, and now finally eliminate all failures, has been stable and open for one weeks, in the one weeks of a rush to register. On September 18, there have been a number of popular domain names on the day of the Internet was registered, of which there are,,,, and other popular domain names.

CM Domain name can open registration is about to usher in the 60 birthday, it is understood that in order to provide users with a better CM domain name registration platform, the era of Interconnection ( in particular launched the CM domain name Big bargain, the new user registered cm domain name two years only need 1399 yuan, But the old user registration only needs 1199 yuan for two years. The era of interconnection to the CM domain name registration brings a more active atmosphere.

In the increasingly developed Internet today, each domain name will have a certain market investment value, and cm domain name is not a legendary domain name. These legends are not only because it is from Africa Cameroon, but also because it looks like a COM domain name and CN domain name, plus it long-awaited began to attract investors attention. Now can finally stable open registration, will give the domain name Investment Market inject more vigor.

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