Convert IE9 English version to Simplified Chinese version

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The IE9 language Pack has the following versions:

Arabic, Catalan, Chinese (Hong Kong), Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hindi, Hebrew, Greek, Hungarian, Hindi (Indonesia), Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese ( Portugal), Romanian, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish (Spain), Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Bulgarian, Estonian, Latvian, Croatian, Serbian, Slovak.

Installation method:

1, Login to Microsoft's official website to download the language pack you need:

CHS represents Simplified Chinese, cht represents traditional Chinese.

2, download the language pack, run the installation package, the system began to search for updates.

3, confirm the installation of the update program.

4, into the installation state.

4. Installation is successful. Close the running IE9 window and restart IE9. To see if your IE9 has become a simplified Chinese version.

If you are in the process of installation, the last hint is "partial update is not installed."

Then you need to perform one more step: Click "Start"-"Control Panel"-"program"-"Programs and Features", then select "Installed Updates" on the left, find the IE9 Language installer package update, uninstall this update, and restart the computer.

Finally reinstall the IE9 language pack before downloading, so that the IE9 English version will be converted into Simplified Chinese version

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