DB2 Export DDL

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  1. Syntax: db2look-d DBname [-e] [-xs] [-xdir Path] [-u Creator] [-Z Schema]

  2. [-t Tname1 Tname2 ... Tnamen] [-TW tname] [-h]

  3. [-O Fname] [-A] [-M] [-c] [-R] [-l] [-X] [-xd] [-F]

  4. [-FD] [-td x] [-noview] [-I UserID] [-W Password]

  5. [-V Vname1 Vname2 ... Vnamen] [-DP] [-CT]

  6. [-wrapper Wrappername] [-server ServerName] [-nofed]

  7. [-WLM] [-ap] [-mod] [-cor]

  8. [-wrapper Wrappername] [-server ServerName] [-fedonly]

  9. [-nofed]

  10. Db2look [-h]

  11. -D: Database name: This must specify

  12. -E: Extracting the DDL files required to replicate the database

  13. -XS: Exporting XSR objects and generating scripts that contain DDL statements

  14. -xdir: Pathname: The directory that will be used to place the XSR object

  15. -U: Create program ID: if both-u and-A are not specified, the $USER will be used

  16. -Z: Mode name: If both-Z and-A are specified, the-Z is ignored

  17. -T: Generate statistics for the specified table

  18. -TW: DDL is generated for tables that match the schema condition (wildcard) of the name with the table name

  19. -ap: Generating a AUDIT USING statement

  20. -WLM: Generating WLM-specific DDL statements

  21. -mod: Generating DDL statements for a module

  22. -cor: Using the Create OR REPLACE clause to generate the DDL

  23. -H: More detailed help message

  24. -o: Redirect output to the given file name

  25. -A: Generate statistics for all creation programs

  26. -M: Running the Db2look utility in analog mode

  27. -C: Do not generate a mock COMMIT statement

  28. -r: Do not generate a simulated RUNSTATS statement

  29. -L: Generate Database layout: Database partition group, buffer pool, and table space.

  30. -X: The "Authorization" statement of the original definition program that generated the Exclude object DDL

  31. -XD: Generate an "authorization" statement DDL that includes the original definition program of the object

  32. -F: Extracting configuration parameters and environment variables

  33. -TD: Specifies x as the statement delimiter (the default delimiter is a semicolon (;))

  34. -I: User ID used when logging on to the server where the database resides

  35. -W: the password used to log on to the server where the database resides

  36. -noview: Do not generate create VIEW DDL statement

  37. -wrapper: Generating DDL for federated objects that apply to this wrapper

  38. -server: Generating DDL for federated objects that apply to this server

  39. -fedonly: Only federated DDL Statements were created

  40. -nofed: Do not generate federated DDL

  41. -FD: Generate db2fopt for Opt_buffpage and Opt_sortheap and other configuration and environment parameters

  42. Statement.

  43. -V: DDL is generated for the view only, this option is ignored when-T is specified

  44. -DP: Generate a DROP statement before the CREATE statement

  45. -CT: Generating DDL Statements by object creation time

DB2 Export DDL

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