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Except that. edu and. org domain names may be listed as trusted domain names, Other factors related to domain names may also affect the ranking of search engines.
Many people know that Google officially applied to become a domain name registration service provider in February 2005. It is not a domain name registration agent that can be seen everywhere, but a top-level domain name registration service provider. There are only over 100. com domain name registration service providers worldwide.
More than a year has passed, and Google has not yet begun to provide domain name registration services. In addition, Google once said that they became domain name registrars not to provide domain name registration services to users, but to improve the quality of search rankings.
Apparently, if domain name registration information has not yet become one of Google's ranking factors, at least Google has plans to do that. Most people think that Google has put domain name registration information into consideration.

Many people think that Google, as a top-level domain name registration service provider, can obtain information that ordinary users cannot obtain. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. The domain name registration information that Google can obtain is the same as the information obtained by our whois search. Google cannot obtain real information from customers of other domain name registration service providers.

For example, many people use fake names and fake addresses to register domain names. What we see in the whois search may be a false name. All Google can get is this fake name. Only the provider that provides the registration service for this domain name knows the real name, email address, and credit card number of the customer.

Of course, Google must be a domain name registration service provider. That is, Google can use API interfaces to obtain and process domain name registration information in large quantities. Google, which is processed by a program, cannot be used to manually query domain name registration information. With the API interface, Google can quickly create a large number of domain name registration information databases. Although this information can be found by common users.

I believe that Google has established a huge database for domain names. They record tracing and analysis information, which may include the name of the domain name owner, email address, address, domain name validity period, the latest Domain name change date, and whether the domain name owner has changed, when is it changed.

So what is the significance of this information for the search engine ranking? Several possible impacts are described.

For example, the longer the domain name validity period, the higher the trust that the search engine may give to the domain name. Generally, the domain name of a large company is registered for ten years. It is impossible for them to save a few dollars a year and bear the consequences of forgetting to commit. On the contrary, many black hat SEO generally only register for one year. Make some money. When their domain names are blocked, they will no longer be used.

For example, many users want to purchase old domain names to overcome the Sandbox effect. However, if the name, address, and email of the domain name owner change as soon as the domain name expires, Google will realize that the domain name has changed. Then the trust, external links, PR, and so on of the previous domain names will be restored to zero.

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