Drupal Common development Tools (ii)--drupal for Firebug

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There are many development tools for Drupal, and Drupal for Firebug is also an important Drupal development tool in addition to the Devel modules mentioned in the Drupal Common development tools (a)--devel module.

Please note that Drupal for Firebug may conflict with Theme Developer module


    • Install Drupalforfirebug Firefox plugin (all examples in this article use the Firefox version of Firebug)
    • Installing the Drupal for Firebug module
    • Enable Drupal for Firebug module


When the Drupal for Firebug Firefox plugin is installed and the Drupal for Firebug module is enabled, a new Drupal panel appears in Firebug.

Next, let's look at each of these sub-panels.

Universal panel

If you want to output Drupal-related log information to the Firebug console, you can use the Firep () function to output the information to the Firebug log.

firep($item, $optional_title)

SQL panel

For the SQL panel to take effect, first enable the Collect database request (Collect query info) feature of the Devel module and enable it by checking "Collect query Info" By accessing the "Administration > Site Settings > Development > Devel Settings".

When enabled, the SQL panel displays all database requests that were made to build the current page. The output in the SQL panel is the same as what is shown after enabling "Show Request Logging" (Display query log) in the Devel module, and comparing the contents of the Devel module output to the page, using the SQL panel will look better.

Form panel

The form panel displays a constructed array of all the forms in the current page, which can be helpful when you need to try to modify or remove a form item.

User panel

The user panel displays the $user object information for the currently logged on user and displays anonymous user information if the user is not logged in.

If you are not logged on as a UID1 user, you need to give the user access Firebug Debug permission.

Node panel

The node page displays information about all the nodes on the current page.

The output shows the contents of the node $node objects after load, after view, after alter, and so on. This will be very useful in determining when the content of a node is being modified. At the same time, you can easily view information about available fields, which is also useful for developing custom templates and other field operations.

Views panel

The Views panel displays information about all views on the current page.

Through this panel information, you can get various information of views, such as the type of display used, database tables, paging settings and so on.

Execute PHP Panel

Executing the PHP panel allows you to execute PHP code in the full Drupal environment (which can be done using the Drupal API). This is useful when you want to see the result of a function without a front-end page output. Alternatively, you can also use it to quickly view the values of Drupal variables or global variables.

All executed PHP code is actually executed in the form of a "admin/firebug/exec" callback page.

It is important to note that users need to have "Execute Firebug PHP" permission to use this panel.

Original title: Drupal Common development tool (ii)--drupal for Firebug

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Drupal Common development Tools (ii)--drupal for Firebug

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