For broadband acceleration, one minute learns to release 20% of the bandwidth reserved by the computer

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For broadband acceleration, one minute learn to release the 20% broadband retained by the computer. 1. Click Start-run, enter gpedit. msc, and press enter to enable "Group Policy object editing ".
2. Expand "Computer Configuration-management template-Network-QoS packet scheduler" and double-click on the right.
In the settings column, select "restrict retainable bandwidth". In the "Settings" tab of the displayed Properties dialog box
Set "restricted reserved bandwidth" to "enabled", and then expand "Bandwidth limit (%)" below )"
Set the bandwidth value "20" to "0.
3. After the modification, we can re-open the IE browser or use BT or thunder to download the file and send
Is the speed of surfing the Internet and downloading significantly improved? A word is refreshing.
4. This modification is valid for both XP and Vista.

Creating a folder that others cannot touch is invincible!

You can create a folder that cannot be accessed or deleted by others.
Some private files are not willing to be seen by others. How can this problem be solved? Hide it? Change the name? Or
Encrypted? All these methods can be done, but they are time-consuming and laborious. In fact, another method is to create
Folder that cannot be accessed or deleted by others, and put their private files in it, so that no one else can see them.
Let's talk about how to implement it. It's very easy. Pai_^
Step 1: Enter cmd and press enter to open the command line window.
Step 2: switch to the hard disk partition of the folder you want to create in the command line window, such as disk D
Step 3: Enter md123. \ Press enter. Note that there are 2 decimal points in the folder name.
OK. Let's get it done. Check if there is an additional folder named 123 under your D Drive? It is neither
Accessible and cannot be deleted! If you don't believe it, try again. ^_^
What should I do if I want to delete or enter this folder? Also
If you want to delete the file, enter rd123. \ press enter in the command line window to delete the file.
Make sure that all the files are not required. Do not delete the files by mistake.
If you want to enter, enter startd: \ 123 .. \ in the command line window (note that this must be a folder
Otherwise, you can open this folder, and you can choose not
People can see the information!

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