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Chrome browser has become one of the most popular browsers (who is the most popular browser?) through the continuous updating and optimization of the Google Browser development team. The reason why so many people are using chrome may be that first of all, a simple and comfortable interface; second, very fast speed, some evaluation reports will even think it is the fastest browser, of course, different reports will not be the same; third, support extensions, Web applications, such as the ability to open PDF documents directly.

But it is a pity that Chrome cannot open Microsoft Office documents directly, because Microsoft Office is not open source software, but fortunately we can do this by installing a third-party extension.

Chrome users have been able to install Microsoft Office, such as Office 2013, to directly open Word, Excel, and PPT files, not to mention using chrome directly to open these files.

To help Chrome users directly open Microsoft Office documents without installing Microsoft Office, Google launches Chrome extensions for Chrome Office Viewer supports the direct use of chrome to open Word, Excel, and PPT documents directly. The latest version of the Chrome Office Viewer supports. doc,. docx,. xls,. xlsx,. ppt and. pptx formats.

  How to install and use the chrome Office Viewer

  Step 1: Visit the Chrome Office Viewer extension page, click Add to Chrome in the upper right corner of the extended page to add the download as prompted, the file is a bit large.

Note: At the time of writing this article, the extension only allows installation to the beta version of Chrome. If you are using a stable version of Chrome, installing the extension will prompt "This application isn't supported on this computer." Installation has been disabled ".

  Step 2: when the chrome Office Viewer extension is installed, you can use Chrome to open Word, Excel, or PPT documents, right-click the document and select Open the link in new tab to View the document.

Although the extension only supports the chrome beta, it will soon be allowed to install to the stable version of Chrome, and now the main reason for not supporting the official version of Chrome is that the expansion is not stable enough to provide a large-scale download use.

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