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Always like to use Google and Firefox, but the browser default features are very few, the interface is not very good, so this time you need browser three great artifacts: extensions, scripts, Styles . Google Chrome Plus, I call him that, in fact, is a green portable multi-functional Google browser , is my first custom version, is made with shuax patches, we can easily put into the use of U disk, the following detailed introduction of what I added.

(Do not be frightened by so much content, I just write in more detail, not complicated, look down ...) )

From the extension, script, style three aspects to introduce:


Google Chrome is a multi-threaded browser, each extension, each tab will have a process,

This is very safe, a page crash will not affect the other pages, but this also accounted for the memory, so although I installed a lot of extensions, but I open the default extension is very few, because of this, I default on the extension is what I think is very necessary, you can use in the extension program to enable /Disable some extensions (ctrl+h, then open the extensions in the upper-left corner to see them).

Let's say the extensions I installed:

1, used to filter page ads;

2. used to filter video ads (including Iqiyi and other major video sites);

3. better display history (CTRL+H)

4. Google browser default downloader is ugly, is in the lower left corner, so use this extension to replace the default downloader,

5. Clean up the following data from the browser (you can actually use Ctrl+shift+del to replace this extension)

6. Protect user's privacy;

7. replace Google's default new tab page, you can customize the settings;

Note the following: This extension is displayed in the Address bar

I personally feel that there is no need to worry, it will also cause the Google browser to continue running in the background, but can be set up to solve, that is, the first time you open the browser in the taskbar Google icon right click, and then uncheck "Let Google Chrome browser run in the background", Otherwise the browser will not shut down, and boot, set once.

8. Save your Web password, although many of the internet said that this is not safe, but I still recommend that you try this extension (I have disabled the Google password save function);

9. Google Chrome bookmarks feature is not convenient, especially when you bookmark a lot of time, this extension allows you to easily find the target bookmarks

the predecessor is the proxy switchysharp, the Google browser agent expands, I already set up, did not say more, you understand;

one. Write the extension of the Style beautification page, an artifact.

add a script extension to the browser, one of the artifacts.

AD filtering , as good as ADP, you can right-click to block page elements;

Video Audio sniffing extension, you can download part of the video and audio that the page is playing;

in many major browsers (Google, Firefox, open gate, etc.) easy to sync the extension of bookmarks, do not worry about the loss of bookmarks;

at first I used a super drag, but found it more and more difficult to use, this extension I set the default is to select the text first, and then drag in a different direction is a different search engine, as follows:

useful translation extension;

Enhanced Browser right-click function;

Adjust the browser brightness to protect your eyes;


Add the script file through this extension, enhance the browser function, first look at all the script in the whole.

Some of the scripts are described below:

1. bypass Baidu redirect Direct access to the webpage;

2. Baidu Bar does not log in can see posts;

3. A download button is displayed on the YouTube video playback screen to download YouTube videos conveniently .

4. watching video, in the video playback page in the upper left corner of the video display a button, can be used to enlarge the video playback page, turn off the lights and other operations

5. Watch the picture, display a button in the top left corner of the picture to manipulate the picture

6. easy to switch search engine

7. Automatic paging script, do not bother to click on the next page;

This script will display a settings button in the upper right corner of the page

8. post automatic check-in,

9. The YouTube video playback page displays a row of multi-function buttons

the YouTube video playback page displays a button to download audio from the video

Baidu Network disk Assistant after the failure of the use of this, the Baidu sharing interface display a button

i don't know how to check the posts.

bypassing the default download size limit for Baidu Web disk

Baidu, 360 network disk and other auto-fill password;

There are some scripts I don't introduce here.


I only added a few styles, because Google Browser can only write the style of the Web page, can not write the style of the UI architecture, that is, the bookmark bar, address bar, tab and other places, can only change skin, but in fact, Google's default interface is very good, personally think just bookmarks bar is not very convenient. So the addition of the style is naturally less a lot.


Google default font is not good-looking, this is the setting font;

2. This is the style of the set scroll bar, the default style and hover styles are as follows;

3. because Google browser by default each link below is underlined

So that's what happens after Setup.

4. I changed the mouse style according to my preference (a small leaf style), do not like the self-deactivation is good;

5. Baidu search results page style settings

Before setting:

After setting:

6. Bing search results page style settings

Before setting:

After setting:

7. google search results page style settings

Before setting:

After setting:

The following is the shuax of this patch, the browser itself can actually set a shortcut, and then add some parameters above the properties to customize the location of the configuration folder, the browser is green portable, but in fact, this does not support external application calls, such as if you set Google Browser as the default browser , so external calls can not be opened with Google Chrome, so I used the Shuax patch, support external calls, this is just one, shuax this patch there are many other features: Recovery Npapi, boss Key, new label customization, double-click Close tab, right-close tab, keep the last label, Hover Quick tab Toggle, right button Quick Tag toggle, new tab opens bookmark, new tab opens URL, mouse gestures and other functions. Specific functions can be configured by opening Greenchrome.ini. However, the new patch does not support the XP system, the need to save the old version of 5.5, the new version to solve the boss crazy creation process bug.

Say Greenchrome.ini file, Shuax This patch provides the interface is Greenchrome.ini this file,

Use this file to make some settings.

file contents are as follows (I modified the settings):

; This file is Greenchrome (winmm.dll) configuration file, using INI format; It is recommended to use the editor with highlighting function to open the editor, for example notepad++; The line starting with a semicolon (;) is a comment statement and does not have a practical effect; If the setting is a switch, manual modification is required: 0 off, 1 on; The path supports environment variables such as%appdata%, and the special%app% represents the directory where the program is currently located; If still do not have to add QQ group 14724233 feedback; Configuration file version: v5.7[append parameter]; the chrome command parameters defined here can be inserted automatically when Chrome is launched; Below are some examples of commands; Set cache directory;--disk-cache-dir=%app%\cache; restore old plugin button display mode; --extension-action-redesign=0; prohibit directwrite rendering;--disable-direct-write;--disable-directwrite-for-ui[run at startup]; The program will be launched with Chrome, if the path has spaces to add quotation marks, if the%app%, such as the expansion of the inclusion of spaces, but also need to add quotation marks "%app%\lantern\lantern.exe"-STARTUP; %app%\shadowsocks\shadowsocks.exe "-startup[run when closed"; The program will start (hide execution) when Chrome is closed, usually to clean up some residue programs, For example, after ending Lantern, cancel the System Agent taskkill/f/im Lantern.exe "%appdata%\byteexec\pac-cmd.exe" Off Http:// on.pac[basic settings]; similar to--user-data-dir Force redirect User Data directory, but will not result in double-icon Data directory =%app%\user, the Boss key can hide all chrome windows, press again to restore the Boss key =ctrl+ Shift+z, you can customize the new tab for the local HTML file, do not fill and modify, we recommend the use of%app% to specify the location, the file only about 1k, more than the part will be automatically truncated; there is a built-in demo effect, named%demo% new tab page =; The program that runs automatically ends when Chrome is turned off automatically ends running program = 1; Chrome High has completely disabled the NPAPI plugin, turn on this option to restore recovery npapi=1, can build a portable version of Green Chrome,Prevent resetting personal settings when replacing a computer; Warning: Once the user data generation, do not modify, please in-depth understanding of the portable =1[Interface enhancement]; directly on the label double-click to close the page, and Wgestures conflict, so I close double-click close tab = 0; When this option is turned on, Hold down SHIFT and then right-click to open the menu right-click to close the TAB = 1; Prevent closing the entire browser (new label) when closing the last tab, cannot prevent the last label when manually clicking the close button = 1; When hovering over the tab bar, scrolling the mouse can toggle the label hover Quick Tag toggle = 1; When you hold down the right mouse button, scroll the mouse to toggle the tab right-click quick Tag Toggle = 1; Tap the bookmark to open in a new tab, do not support bookmarks in the folder to open bookmarks = 1; Address bar Enter the URL to open a new tab in the new tab open URL = 1; The new tab opens the bookmark, New tab Open URL does not take effect new tab page does not take effect = 1; New tab opens the new tab of the bookmark opens the new tab in the front desk =1[mouse gesture], if you do not need mouse gestures, turn off to enable = 1, whether to display the mouse trajectory =1, whether to display the recognition result action = 1; Support for custom gesture direction: ↑↓←→; Format: direction = name | send button; You can freely modify the add, but the function can only be sent shortcut keys ↑= page Top | home↓= Page Bottom | End←= Back | Back→= Forward | forward↓↑= Refresh | Refresh↑↓= Forced Refresh | ctrl+f5↓→= Closing Tags | ctrl+w↓←= Undo Close | ctrl+shift+t→↑= on page | Pageup→↓= Next Page | pagedown→←= Switch to the right label | ctrl+tab←→= Switch to left label | ctrl+shift+tab[check for updates]; This setting is automatically generated by the Google Chrome Updater; If you do not need to empty it directly, update address = Check Version =

This is set lantern with the browser startup, with the browser off and off, people do not like the words themselves here to close, you can also switch to Shadowsocks tools, I have been configured, remove the preceding semicolon to take effect.

This is the setting of the Boss key, is used to show/hide the browser.

There are also interface enhancements and mouse gestures, so I do not install the gesture extension, but in fact I use the global gesture software wgestures, but this software and Shuax patch inside the double-click Shutdown tab Conflict, so I set double-click Close tab page default is not enabled

Gestures can also be modified on their own. Isn't it cool?

Google browser pursuit of speed, simplicity and security, his customization is not good for Firefox, but firefox on some sites upload pictures or attachments after clicking the button did not respond, both have advantages and disadvantages, but are very useful.

Mention the use of the process needs to be aware of, due to the new tab extension reasons, the Google browser will be closed after the default in the background to run, but can be set up to solve, that is, the first time you open the browser on the taskbar Google icon right click, and then uncheck "Let Google Chrome browser running in the background, or the browser will not shut down, and boot, set once.

Introduction to Here is over, and finally, Link: Password: Shen J

You are welcome to recommend some extensions, scripts. We also welcome feedback on the use of the problems encountered, thank you.

My qq:970852638.

Google Chrome plus--Green Portable Multifunction Google browser

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