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Google Labs always have many novel ideas. In February 23, 2006, it brought us another surprise. This time we brought about a thing called Google Page Creator. Using this online webpage editing tool, we can also enjoy making web pages. What methods does Google use to interpret the idea of creating a free web page? Let's unveil the secret of Google Page Creator and find out.

Google Page Creator needs to use a Gmail account to log in. Fortunately, Gmail is everywhere. Enter the in your browser to enter the Google Page Creator. The first login will see a welcome Page, which introduces many advantages of Google Page Creator. Google indicates the purpose of this service: "Create your own web pages, quickly and easily. (quickly and easily Create your own webpage )". At this time, select "I have read and agree to these Terms and Conditions (I have read and agree with the Protocol)" in the lower part of the page )", click "I'm ready to create my pages" to enter the world of Google Page Creator.
After entering the Google Page Creator, we can see a Page similar to Gmail (as shown in Figure 1), which is the editing Page of Google Page. In addition to the editing area in the middle of the page, we divide the page into five tool areas. First, let's take a look at what functions can be achieved in each area.

Figure 1

①. Management Area: publish and manage webpages. After editing the webpage, click "Publish (Publish)" to Publish the webpage. Click "Back to Page Manager (return to Page Management)" to go to website management.

②. Undo and Redo regions.

3. Appearance and frame area: used to change the appearance and frame of a webpage. Google Page Creator provides users with a variety of webpage templates and four webpage frameworks to choose from.

④. Toolbar: click related buttons to quickly insert images, create hyperlinks, and change the text format.

⑤. Text style area: click the option to set different text styles. You can also directly edit the HTML source code.
After learning about the webpage editor operation interface, let's create a homepage!
Click the two links in the toolbar to change the webpage to your favorite style and frame. Then you can enter text in the editing area (what you see is what you get in the editing area). Just like using FrontPage and other software, you can directly display the web page. On the toolbar, you can set the text size, color, and other options in the editing area. In the text style area, you can also set the text to different levels of titles and intexts.

Of course, all text web pages are not easy to read, so we need to add some images to the web page. In the editing area, move the cursor to the position where you want to insert an Image. Click "Image" in the toolbar. In the displayed dialog box, you can upload your own images or reference images on the network. Currently, Google provides MB of webpage space for each user, which is more than enough for general personal websites. Select an Image and click "Add Image" to Add an Image. Select an image to be added in the editing area. A toolbar is displayed (as shown in Figure 2). You can use this toolbar to adjust the image size, create thumbnails, and perform other operations to make it easier for you to edit the image for webpage layout, you can also conveniently delete images.


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