Google Web rankings optimization and Google PR value role

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Google Web rankings optimization and Google PR value role

Page ranking optimization, is to meet the search engine site ranking rules for the site planning, web design, to ensure that the site can get a better ranking in search engines, so that more potential customers can quickly find you, so as to achieve the maximum network marketing effect.

Use of keywords
The purpose of our search for keywords is to use them in Web pages. Looking at the previous search engine work principles and Web page ranking rules, you may also remember how the search engine is the user's query to respond. It first with the input keywords: such as infrared thermometer for search conditions, in its database to retrieve the page containing the keyword, and then according to the "match/position/frequency" principle to return the site rankings search results.
So in order for your Web page to appear in search results that are conditional on predefined keywords, you have to use keywords in your Web page to optimize your service. The places where keywords are placed include: title, meta tag, page body, alt tag, and so on. But one thing to be aware of is not to repeat a single keyword (spam) too much, and not to simply rank keywords (also spam) as you would in Meta keyword tags, but to follow the necessary grammatical rules to form natural and fluent statements that make visitors look comfortable. It is also important to consider whether the customer is attractive enough. In short, keep in mind one principle: the search engine will not be indifferent to the content that attracts and values visitors.
Indeed, this task is not easy, but as long as we are willing to work hard, the thinking to the extreme, we will be satisfied with the results.

Website Theme Planning
Be careful not to let your site's theme spread too far. Because the more concentrated the site theme, the general situation of the site owners to devote more energy in this area, so the quality of the information provided will be higher. We know that the search engine has been committed to providing users with high-quality information search services, so it will provide valuable information on the site rankings ahead of time, priority to return to the user.
What if the site is covered in a wide range of content and it does need to retain a large number of topics? Or the same principle, as long as you classify the site information into a reasonable organization, naturally will form a relatively concentrated theme, then the search engine will naturally give you a top ranking of the site.

Enrich website content and website popularity
The two are complementary, and websites with rich content are often popular with visitors. Please note that the richness of this content does not mean the complexity of the content, but the depth of the content.

The role of PageRank:

1, decide the importance of the website/webpage
PR value, that is, PageRank, Web page level technology. Taken from Google's founder Larry Page, it is part of Google's ranking algorithm (the ranking formula) that identifies the level/importance of the page. Levels ranging from 1 to 10, and 10 to full marks. The higher the PR value means the more important the Web page is.
2, the higher the PageRank, the site ranked relatively high, more stable.
Although Google has weakened PageRank's absolute impact on rankings in recent years, PageRank can still influence the stability of some of the site's keyword rankings. In other words, website optimization services, high PR of the site ranking is not necessarily high, but low PR of the site ranking must not be high.
3, determine the search engine spiders visit rate
Above mentioned PageRank decided the importance of the site, then for Google, more attention to those PR high Web site: PR decision search engine spiders (also known as reptiles, Spider, robots, etc., the main role is to site content/Web pages included, crawl into the search engine) the chance to visit. For those sites with PR of 5 or 5, the frequency of spider visits is basically kept at once a day or even several times a day. For those PR is 1 or even no PR site, Spider sometimes half a month or even one months will not visit once.

How to improve PageRank:

Google believes that a good site will not necessarily be linked to other sites, but bad sites will not be linked to other sites. So site A is linked to more sites, indicating that the higher the quality of site A, the more important. b site links a site, on behalf of the B site cast a site a vote. b The higher the PR of the website, the heavier the weight of this ticket. Therefore, if a website wants to improve its own PR, then need to be more, equivalent to their own, or more than their own PR of other sites linked. Therefore, the way to improve the PageRank from the external factors, is the quality and quantity of links.
For example: for a PR of 0 Web site, if his PR hope that the next update to reach 5, then at least need to be around 600 PR2 site links, or by 300 or so PR3 site links, or by 200 or so PR4 site links or be linked to 50 or so PR5 sites, or be linked by 10 or so PR6 websites; This is what I call the relationship between quality and quantity of site links. But what I said above is not necessarily absolute, because the decision PR value high and low also has a very important factor: the website structure and the content quality.

Update Cycle for PageRank:

Google has about 460,000 servers worldwide, the main function of which is to collect and organize all the information on the Internet. Google will process the collected web information and analyze the links, text, pictures, etc. To make an objective evaluation of a website. And PageRank is the final result of this evaluation. While Google's ranking of keywords for a site is adjusted almost daily, the analysis and processing of PageRank is a very complex task, and the process takes 90-120 days to work. In recent years, PageRank the shortest update is 70 days, the longest time is 150 days. So we can't accurately calculate the PageRank update cycle, but we can roughly estimate the period to about 3 months.

There is no possibility of PageRank data:

1, the construction station time in 3 months, has not experienced the Google PageRank Server data update, therefore has no data;
2, the site has never been manually submitted to the Google request included, nor any other site links, so Google could not find the site, so no data;
3, because of the use of cheating, Google data removal (the most severe penalties), so no data;

The PageRank data is 0 possible:

1, the website certainly has experienced at least once the Google PageRank data update;
2, has not been a high PR or high number of sites linked to the lack of enough or enough weight to vote;
3, due to the use of cheating methods, Google pagerank down the right to punish;

Normal PageRank:

1, the higher the PageRank, indicating that the higher the weight of the site, the number of links and the higher the quality;

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