How to make your second-level domain name (one)

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Some service providers now provide the service of registering a top-level domain name and sending 20 second-level domain names, but some webmasters may feel that it is not enough. Program Make your own second-level domain name, just like, also has pop-up ads. You can add your own ads, do not add ads, or open applications to netizens, you can also like me, just for my friends with, everything as you are happy.

First of all, the most important thing is that you need a wildcard domain name. Without this condition, you don't have to think about the following. As mentioned above, 20 subdomains are sent, Which is set on DNS, it is not a wildcard domain name. Also, some programs now claim that you do not need a wildcard name, it can only be made in other forms, such as (this is using 404 Not found), or, rather than imaging

How do you know if your domain name is a wildcard domain name? For example, (by the way, thanks to the blue for giving me a commercial space). When you enter or in the browser address bar, you can see the correct homepage. If you enter (XXX is any character ), the browser cannot find the address, so this is not a wildcard domain name.
For example, if is input and is the same as that of, then this is the copy of the "..." header? /A>

how can I get a wildcard domain name? If you already have a domain name that is not explicitly stated during registration, you do not need to try it. It is certainly not supported, I have not found any domain name provider that currently supports wildcard domain names by default. You must make a special offer and pay for it.
before registering a top-level domain name, you need to know whether the domain name provider can provide you with a wildcard domain name and how much money you need. I found that some domain name providers do not support wildcard domain names at all, even some sellers or agents don't even know this (fainting ). So you must first ask.
Well, now that you have a wildcard domain name, it can be said that the most important step has been completed. You can find a place to steal the music for a while. After making so many words, let me have a rest, the next step is the selection of programs and the conditions to be met by space.

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