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What is Internet information Server (IIS)?
Microsoft IIS is a Web server that allows information to be published on a public intranet or on the Internet. Internet Information Server transmits information by using Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). You can also configure the Internet Information Server to provide File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and gopher services. The FTP service allows users to transfer files from a Web node or to a Web node. The Gopher service uses a menu-driven protocol for locating documents. The HTTP protocol has replaced the Gopher protocol as much as possible.

IIS is the Internet Information Service (Internet Information Services), its function is to provide information services, such as the erection of HTTP, FTP server, is the WindowsNT kernel of the system itself, do not need to download.

The language version is the same as the language of the system Setup disk, that is, the operating system of the Chinese version of the NT kernel has the ISS Chinese version of ISS. Versions are not the same in different systems. Winnt in 4.0,win2000 for 5.0,WINXP in 5.1,win2003 for 6.0,win2008 R2 as iis7.5,win2012 for IIS8 different versions of the feature is not the same.

To learn about ASP, you need to know what IIS is and what IIS is. IIS is the abbreviation for Internet Information Server, which is the Web server for Microsoft's main push. IIS is not a programming language, it is just an "environment", an environment in which ASP languages run.

IIS is a file and application server that is provided with Windows NT Server 4.0 and is the basic component of establishing an Internet server on a Windows NT Server. It is fully integrated with Windows NT Server, allowing the use of Windows NT Server built-in security and the NTFS file system to build powerful, flexible internet/intranet sites.

Now a lot of Windows Server, the most common is IIS, stable.

On the Internet or in some technical communities, we often encounter articles about IIS issues. So what exactly is IIS? What's the use? Many computer enthusiasts are full of interest in IIS, the following small series for you to briefly introduce.

What is IIS?

IIS is an abbreviation for Internet Information Services in English, and is a world Wide Web Server service. IIS is a Web (Web page) service component, these include Web servers, FTP servers, NNTP servers, and SMTP servers for Web browsing, file transfers, news services, and mail delivery, which make it easy to post information on the Web, including the Internet and the local area network.

Web site program deployed on IIS server

IIS means that you can publish Web pages, and have ASP (Active Server pages), JAVA, VBScript-generated pages, and some extended functionality. In a straightforward way, IIS is a Windows Server build, and many Web servers are still installed with Windows Server systems, such as the most common Windows Server2003, which has the most core functionality, IIS.

For small white friends, as long as you know that IIS is a Web services component, used to carry the Web site to run the program can be, such as IIS combined with php+asp environment, you can put the current popular ASP/PHPX program Web site program. Windows xp/server2003 is IIS6 version, Win7/win8 Server version, with the IIS7/8 version, the higher the version, the more security is usually better.

What's the use of IIS?

About the role of IIS and some of the friends used are web site technicians or webmaster, for ordinary computer users, so we can see that the normal installation of the XP/WIN7/WIN8 system does not have IIS functionality, mainly because IIS is useless to ordinary users, was castrated.

What is IIS for?

Professionally speaking, IIS can give a host computer more than a group of IP addresses, but also can have more than one domain name as a Web site, you can use TCP/IP content to set more than two sets of IP address to it, in addition to the network card to add a group of IP address, You must specify a different domain name for this set of IP addresses on the DNS responsible for this point, and after completing these steps, a virtual Web server will appear in the Internet Service manage, and the virtual server must have its own home directory directory), and for IIS, all servers are its virtual servers.

Of course, if you plan to configure your computer as a server, you can download the IIS installation package, install it, and then configure your computer to be a server environment so that you can debug or test some ASP or PHP Web programs locally.

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