InnoDB Engine plugin 'innodb' registry as a storage engine failed.

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When configuring InnoDB parameters today, modify the default configuration. As a result, the started server does not support the InnoDB engine. Plugin 'innodb' registry as a storage engine failed.
Error Log:
InnoDB: Data File/usr/local/mysql4/data/ibdata2 did not exist: new to be created
100702 14:34:53 InnoDB: setting file/usr/local/mysql4/data/ibdata2 size to 20 mb
InnoDB: Database physically writes the file full: Wait...
InnoDB: no valid checkpoint found.
InnoDB: If this error appears when you are creating an InnoDB database,
InnoDB: the problem may be that during an earlier attempt you managed
InnoDB: to create the InnoDB data files, but log file creation failed.
InnoDB: if that is the case, please refer
100702 14:34:54 [Error] plugin 'innodb' init function returned error.
100702 14:34:54 [Error] plugin 'innodb' registry as a storage engine failed.
In these cases, I initially considered not having the permission to create a new log file.
When I disable the server normally, modify its parameters,
After the modification, the ib_logfile file is not deleted. The ib_logfile file records some useful information about the InnoDB engine, such as the default InnoDB configuration information. You are operating when the server is not properly disabled, therefore, the server after restart does not support the InnoDB engine.
Rm-RF ib_logfile *
Correctly configure Parameters
Restart the server.

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