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This kind of website-http: // 3427256388-is often used for surfing the Internet, which is strange. Curiosity makes us unable to click them and find that it is a valid link, can be connected to other websites. Also, when browsing the deep Directory web page, the browser address bar will contain the characters % 4C % 69% 75% 48% 6f % 6e % 67. Why? In fact, they are also URLs, but they are expressed in an uncommon form. Some spamer and Scammer often use this to conceal their real identities. Below I will explain how to make normal URLs distorted so that you can see their true colors.

We know that domain names such as www.microsoft.com are designed to help people remember. When we enter a domain name in the address bar of a browser, it will be converted to an IP address and then searched. IP addresses are generally composed of four groups of decimal numbers separated by ".". Each group of numbers ranges from 0 ~ 255. In fact, it can also be expressed in binary, octal, and hexadecimal forms. Therefore, the strange website above is actually in the binary, octal, and hexadecimal formats of IP addresses. How can we deform IP addresses? We can use the ping command to obtain the IP address of a domain name. Connect to the network and switch from windows to dos. You can use this command in the format of Ping domain name. For example, you can ping www.yahoo.com to obtain the IP address

We will convert the IP address format in decimal format into hexadecimal format, that is, the dual-word IP format as an example to illustrate how to create an IP address. Open the calculator that comes with windows and select "scientific ". The default mode is decimal. First, enter the first group of numbers 204, and then click the hexadecimal value. 202 will be converted to the hexadecimal value CC. Convert the following three numbers into hexadecimal values. The hexadecimal value of 47,200 Of The hexadecimal value of 71 is C8, And the 68 hexadecimal value is 44. Connect them together, that is, cc47c844, which is the hexadecimal form of the IP address Finally, set the cc47c844 input to a hexadecimal calculator, and click the decimal system to convert this set of numbers to a decimal value of 3427256388. This number is the final deformation, called a large number of IP addresses. On the contrary, you can calculate the real IP address from the URL in this digital form, so that those spammer and Scammer cannot escape our eyes.

In general, the dual-word IP format can be directly used in the address bar of the ie5.0 browser, or add 0x in front, that is, 0xcc47c844 is the same as the domain name. In addition, adding any hexadecimal number before it is also valid, such as 0x9a3fcc47c844. In fact, after obtaining the dual-word IP address, add 0x before each hexadecimal value (0x indicates that the following number is in the hexadecimal format), and then separate it with dots like a decimal IP address, such as 0xcc. 0x47. 0xc8. 0x44, which is the same as the decimal IP address.

In addition, you can use the following formula to directly calculate the preceding large number of IP addresses.
IP = V · 256 ^ 3 + X · 256 ^ 2 + Y · 256 + z · 256 ^ 0
V is the first digit of the decimal IP address. In the example above, V is 202, X is the second digit, 109 in the example above, and Y is the third digit, 72 in the example above; Z is the fourth digit, 54 in the preceding example. In addition, there is an interesting phenomenon. In the above formula, add an item n · 256 ^ 4, that is
IP = N · 256 ^ 4 + V · 2563 + x · 2562 + Y · 256 + z · 2560

Although the calculation results are different, the results are the same and can be connected to the same website. When these numbers are converted to hexadecimal values, their last octal characters are the same, and the related program only recognizes the last eight digits when parsing the IP address. The previous digits do not matter. A webpage http: // 97c4d38a/tool/ip2dword can also be directly converted.

In the same principle, you can convert the decimal IP address to the octal and binary formats. For example, if is converted to the octal form 0314.0107.0310.0104, note that the value "0" must not be less. It shows the browser that the value following is octal. It should be easier to convert the binary form, so it will not be explained.

The above is only the basic form of URL ing, and there are more weird variants. An IP address can be expressed in a mix of decimal, octal, and hexadecimal values, which is equally valid. For example, can be expressed as 0xcc. 71.0310.0x44, can be further deformed as http://www.myyahoo.net @ 0xcc. 71.0310.0x44 because the content between http: // and @ has no function or meaning except disguise, unless the website requires that the visitor be authorized to log on, "http: // use the username: password @ "format to log on. Therefore, you can enter any disguised URLs and symbols between the two. In addition, the letters and symbols used for the path and file name after the IP address can be replaced by hexadecimal values, such
Http: // 97c4d38a/% 74% 6f % 6f % 6C/% 49% 70% 32% 64% 77% 6f % 72% 64 we also need to add "%" before each value ", the following values are in hexadecimal format.

1. In Netscape browsers, IP addresses in hexadecimal format cannot be used. IP addresses in hybrid format can only contain hexadecimal numbers, but can only be in octal or decimal format.
2. Dual IP addresses are not available in some earlier versions of IE and opera.
3. You can enter anything between http: // and @. However, if the browser is used for Netscape, no "/? ", Such as for IE, there cannot be" ^ # % "'<> ".
4. Except for the decimal IP address, it is best not to use any other IP address in the proxy server or LAN.

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