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As a network administrator for small and medium-sized enterprises, we often have multiple roles, both responsible for the maintenance and production of corporate websites and ensuring that employees' computers can access the network normally. Therefore, we need to become a fully-developed technician. It is often critical to handle domain name resolution problems in numerous network Troubleshooting Instances. learning and mastering the mutual query methods between IP addresses and domain names is also a skill that our network administrators should possess. Today, I will share my experience and explain the unique skills of mutual query between IP addresses and domain names for IT168 readers.

1. query the IP address of a domain name:

In many cases, to check whether the internal DNS server works normally, we need to check whether the domain name is successfully resolved to the IP address. In this case, we should use the nslookup command.

Step 1: Go to Start-> Run-> Enter CMD and press enter to enter the Command Prompt window.

Step 2: Enter "nslookup domain name" in the Command Prompt window. For example, to check whether the DNS server set on the local machine can correctly resolve the address www.it168.com, use "nslookup www.it168.com" to check the resolution. First, the local DNS server address is displayed. For example, the IP address is displayed, and the next area is the address corresponding to www.it168.com. For example, we can see the IP address, this is the IP address corresponding to www.it168.com. This indicates that DNS can correctly resolve the IP address and enter this IP address to access the site www.it168.com. (1)

Step 3: of course, if the DNS fails to be resolved, the displayed information will change to the "DNS request timed out, timeout was 2 seconds" prompt, indicating that the DNS resolution times out, the root cause of network faults is DNS resolution. (2)

Sometimes we can access a site with an IP address but cannot access it with a domain name. In this case, we should check whether the DNS works properly according to the method described above, run the nslookup command to check whether the local machine can successfully convert the domain name to the correct IP address.

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