IP Address Library Introduction

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In CDN system, IP address library plays an important role in traffic scheduling and network service quality monitoring, this paper mainly introduces the function and content of IP address library and the method of generating and evaluating IP address database.

What is an IP address library?

The so-called IP address library, refers to the provision of IP address (segment) and geography, ISP, structure and other information mapping relationship of a set of data

What is the use of IP address libraries?

IP Address library applications are widely used, here are a few common examples:
(1) According to the customer's IP address to determine the customer source, for the late analysis of customer behavior to provide a basis, such as the need to statistics student group access characteristics, then we are by analyzing the IP address from the education network of those requests received
(2) Provide different weather, logistics, culture and other information for users in different regions. Many websites provide different access to users in different regions, often by IP address to determine the user's geographical information
(3) Regional advertising delivery. Many businesses need accurate ad delivery, which relies on the accuracy of the IP address library.
(4) The CDN dispatching system wants to dispatch user access traffic from each region to the nearest CDN node, which also relies on the accuracy of the IP address library.
(5) Quality monitoring of website visit. In order to accurately provide the quality of the sites visited by the users in each region, we need to know more precisely the area of access to the user, which is now mainly based on IP address library to achieve

IP Address Library Content

The IP address library primarily provides a correspondence between IP addresses and some of the following common information:
(1) Regional information such as country, region, province/state/region, (ground level) City, county (class city), etc.
(2) ISP information
(3) Institutional information
(4) Latitude and longitude
(5) Detailed address
(6) Routing information

Source of IP Address library
There are many IP address libraries, each IP library in the provider, providing information and other aspects are relatively similar, common are:
(1) APNIC (asia-pacific Network Information Center), Asia-Pacific Internet Information Center related resources
IP address Segment Allocation daily update file


WHOIS service facilitates user query of NIC domain name database
(2) QQ Pure storehouse http://www.cz88.net/fox/
(3) Ipinfodb http://ipinfodb.com/download.php?file=ipinfodb_one_table_full.sql.bz2
(4) MaxMind GeoIP Http://geolite.maxmind.com/download/geoip/database/GeoLiteCity_CSV/GeoLiteCity_20100401.zip

IP Address Library Evaluation index

How to evaluate the merits and demerits of an IP address library, I think the main view of the following several indicators:
(1) Grain size. The so-called granularity refers to the degree of accuracy of other information corresponding to IP (segment) in the IP address library. For example, is it accurate to the country, or can it be accurate to the city or county? Different applications have different granularity requirements for IP address libraries, but the finer the granularity, the greater the value of IP address library in terms of the evaluation index of the IP address library itself.
(2) accuracy. The so-called accuracy refers to the correct degree of information provided, obviously, the higher the accuracy, the greater the value of the IP address library
(3) Coverage level. The so-called coverage, refers to a specific collection, IP address library covers the degree of this combination. For example, China IP (IPv4) address has 310 million, an IP address library contains China's IP address number is 280 million, the coverage is about 90%. Obviously, the higher the coverage, the better the IP address library

Integration of IP Address libraries
Different IP address library in the information granularity, confidence, coverage, etc., we can consider the different IP address library information integration, the principle will be able to get a better IP address library, which is our current use of ideas

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IP Address Library Introduction

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