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Search on the Internet, there are a lot of, the following is the image processing, good cast and the quality of the article has a great relationship, if it is the first time to vote, and not urgent to the article, I suggest that the quality of the article rather than the journal slightly better, so that can learn more
Slightly more than PAMI,IJCV periodicals have tip,iet Image processing, computer vision and image understanding, image and vision computing, and so on, slightly worse than PR There's PRL or something.
Journals that can be submitted in the field of digital image processing
Computer Vision and Image processing
IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (Pami) IEEE
International Journal of Computer Vision (IJCV) Springer
Vision Elsevier
IEEE Transactions on Image Processing (IEEE-T-IP) IEEE
ACM Transactions on Applied Perception ACM
Computer Vision and Image Understanding (Cviu) Elsevier
Image and Vision Computing Elsevier
Journal of Vision JV
Journal of Visual Communication and Image representation (JVCIR) Elsevier
Journal of mathematical Imaging and Vision Springer
Journal of Electronic Imaging SPIE
Icgst International Journal on Graphics, Vision and Image processing (GVIP) icgst
Mgv:machine GRAPHICS & VISION Institute of Computer Science
International Journal of Imaging Systems and Technology Wiley interscience
Electronic Letters on Computer Vision and Image analysis Elcvia
The Visual Computer Springer
IET Image Processing IET
IET Computer Vision IET
International Journal of Image and Graphics (ijig) World Scientific
International Journal of Remote Sensing Taylor & Francis
SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences SIAM
Signal, Image and video processing Springer
Pattern recognition
Pattern Recognition Elsevier
Pattern Recognition Letters (PRL) Elsevier
International Journal of recognition and Artificial Intelligence World Scientific
Pattern Analysis & Applications Springer
Journal of Pattern Recognition (JPRR) JPRR
Signal processing
IEEE Signal Processing Letters IEEE
IEEE Signal Processing Magazine IEEE
Signal processing Elsevier
Eurasip Journal on Applied Signal processing EURASIP
Signal processing:image Communication Elsevier
IET Signal Processing IET
neurophysical journals in Computer Vision
Nature Neuroscience. Nature
Visual Neuro Science. Cambridge
IEEE transactions on neural Networks. Ieee
Neural Networks Elsevier
Perception and Psychophysics. Psychonomic Society
Perception. Pion LTD.
Journal of experimental Psychology:human perception and performance. Elsevier
Computer Graphics
ACM Transactions on Graphics ACM
IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications (CG&A) IEEE
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics IEEE
ACM SIGGRAPH Computer Graphics ACM
Computers and Graphics Science Direct
Computer Graphics Forum (including eurographics) eurographics
Graphics Interface Graphics Interface
Journal of Graphics Tools ACM
Journal of visualization and Computer Animation Wiley
Symposium on Interactive 3D (i3d) ACM
Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality Software and Technology (Vrst) ACM
Machine Vision Applications
Machine Vision and Applications Springer
Real-time Imaging Elsevier
Vision Interface Vision Interface
IEEE Transactions on Geo Science and Remote Sensing IEEE
International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation Elsevier
Remote Sensing of Environment Elsevier
Isprs JOURNAL of Photogrammetry and REMOTE sensing ISPRS
Journal of Applied Remote sensing SPIE
Journal of the Indian Society of Remote Sensing Springer
IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for video Technology IEEE
IEEE Transactions on Multimedia IEEE
Journal Optical Society of America OSA
Optometry and Vision Science lw&w
Information Fusion
Information Fusion Elsevier
Information Processing Letters Elsevier
Information Sciences Elsevier
Information Sciences-applications Elsevier
Information Systems Elsevier
Soft Computing
Applied Soft Computing Elsevier
Journal of Soft Computing Springer
Medical Image Analysis Elsevier
ACM Transactions on Information Systems ACM
Swarm Intelligence Springer
IET Information Security IET
Numerical functional analysis and optimization Taylor & Francis
Sadhana-academy Proceedings in Engineering Sciences Springer
International Journal of wavelets, multiresolution and Information Processing (IJWMIP) World Scientific
Iete Technical Review Iete
Iete Journal of Iete
IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and security IEEE

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