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Another round up for all the tutorials I have made. can't believe it I have made another 21 tutorials and there are 42 tutorials focus on different design elements such as horizontal, vertical menu, accordion, toggle content, sliding, gallery and lot more! If you want to check back my old round up, you can visit this link-21 simple and useful jquery tutorials you might have missed

Nevertheless, I will continue to do my best to provide good tutorials. Enjoy this post and

  • Jquery moving tab and sliding content tutorial | demo

    Learn how to build a lava lamp tab and sliding content all together with just simple jquery code. This script is good for sidebar that display recent posts, comments and community news.
  • Learn how to use cookie with JavaScript | demo

    Cookie is very useful to remember selected menu item and other data. learn how to manipulate cookie with JavaScript. A simple implementation of menu with Cookie support is uncluded in this article and also functions that will make your life easier.
  • Jquery flipping menu tutorial using backgroundposition plugin | demo

    Learn how to create a simple, but elegant menu by animating background with jquery backgroundposition plugin. It's simple, but the effect is really good.
  • Clean and attractive jquery vertical menu tutorial | demo

    Check out this jquery vertical menu. It uses jquery animate and easing to create a simple and attractive lava effect.
  • A simple and beautiful jquery accordion tutorial | demo

    Learn how to create the well-known JavaScript accordion with the most minimal amount of HTML, CSS, JavaScript code and of course, with a beautiful interface as well.
  • Create a good looking floating menu with jquery easing | demo

    This tutorial will show you how to create a horizontal menu with floating effect by using jquery. easing and jquery animate function. it's a simple effect but the final product is quite nice looking and elegant.
  • Create a thumbnail with fading caption using jquery | demo

    This tutorial will show you how to create a fading caption for your thmbnail gallery. It uses jquery framework and CSS to create this transparent and fading effect.
  • Create a simple infinite using usel with jquery | demo

    This tutorial will show you how to create a infinite carousel script with jquery. It also have a simple autorotate script that will rotate items in the specified usel.
  • Jquery drop down menu for RSS subscritutorial | demo

    Learn how to create a simple drop down list with animation effect in this tutorial. This drop down menu can be easily skin and customize.
  • Easy to style jquery drop down menu tutorial | demo

    Drop down menu is always the most famous solution in navigation menu. This tutorial will show us how to create one and also to keep it as simple as possible so that it can be styled easily.
  • Create a vertical Sliding bar thumbnail effect with jquery | demo

    A Revisit from my previous famous tutorial, I have changed the transition to something different. 4 bars will be sliding up and down and reveal the description of the thumbanil hidden underneath.
  • Jquery photo slide show with slick caption tutorial revisited | demo

    A Revisit from my previous famous image slide show with semi-transparent caption jquery tutorial. I have fixed bugs and enhanced this image slide show to be more efficient, W3C compliant and more semantic. Quick! Learn how to create a slide show with cool sliding caption effect using jquery.
  • Create a beautiful looking custom dialog box with jquery and css3 | demo

    This custom dialog box is one of the scripts in that website and I think it will be quite useful for all of us. the reason I have this custom dialog box is to overcome the inconsistencies into SS different browsers. it uses css3 to style everything and it looks really nice!
  • Create a fast and simple toggle View content with jquery | demo

    This script is fairly straight forward. what it does is using the UL list and allow user to toggle to display the content of Li items. this is a really useful User Interface feature that it helps designers to save space and build a less complicated user interface.
  • Easiest JavaScript sliding door effect tutorial with jquery | demo

    This is my fouth tutorial about thumbnail effect. This time is the well known sliding door effect that slide the top layer to top, bottom, left or right direction to reveal the content underneath.
  • Useful and practical jquery image tooltips tutorial | demo

    In this tutorial, we will learn how to create a thumbnail image tooltip with jquery. it displays a tooltip image when user hover on the thumbnail with fadein and out effect. it's a useful script for your website.
  • Create background scrolling effect with jquery | demo

    In this tutorial, we're not only go through how to make it, we will have it in plugin as well which allow user to customize the speed of the movement and direction (vertically, horizontally and diagonally ).
  • Create a custom jquery image gallery with jcarousel | demo

    Alright fellow web designers and developers. we are going to do something a little bit more hardcore this time. there are heaps of jquery plugins out there, but it's hard to find something that suit us. so, this tutorial will teach you how to be creative and create a customize plugin.
  • Create a simple interactive CSS button with jquery | demo

    Alright, in this tutorial we will be creating a button that will replace the default submit button. It will be degrade gracefully, animated and easy to implement.
  • Simplest jquery spotlight effect tutorial | demo

    This tutorial will guide you how to build a spotlight effect with caption. I have seen someone use this technique before, I think that's cool, so I decided to spice thing up a little bit by adding a caption into it.
  • Create a custom content slider with jquery | demo

    In this tutorial, we are going to create a custom content slider. the concept behind it is pretty simple, when you click on a button, it uses jquery scroll-to plugin to scoll the content and display the right content.

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