Macbook Pro Install Tex and texeditor and common issues (keep updating)

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texlive versus Miktex

Both of them is based on Tex.

(MacTeX is wrapper in texlive distribution of Tex and opens to Mac system, while Miktex I s for Windows system.)

In recent versions, the differences between MiKTeX and TeX Live has narrowed, package coverage between the-is similar .

    • Only MiKTeX can does ' on the Fly ' package installation and focus on Windows system, as TeX Live was more focussed on Have a system that works well on multi-user systems and multi-platforms.

    • Faster compilation (especially in case of graphics files)

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For Mac, I use MacTeX (Smaller Basictex)



Useful tools for Basictex as below,

Issues (keep updating) 1. Why Choose' smaller Basictex '?

Pros:it is smaller (only approximately 78M) than standard version (approximately 3.2G)

Cons:however, smaller Basictex only has basic TEX environment, many others useful packages (fonts for IEEE Trans ) don ' t in it and need to be install manually.

e.g.: Missing ' pplr7t ' font file, I cannot find file ' pplr7t '

Refer to:

    • Https://

2. How to install extra fonts?

At first, what do you should the find which package includes this font, so how to know it?

Using 'tlmgr' (after install MacTeX, we'll have it)


sudo tlmgr search--global-file pplr7t

It shows That:file 'pplr7t' is in the ' Palatino ' package, so I need to install Palatino Pack Age. How to install the package?

sudo Install Palatino

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[tex-live] Missing fonts in Basictex for Mac

>Howdy,>>On the mactex-support list we ' ve had a couple of reports of problems with>missing fonts (in particular ptmr7t if using The Times package or the> Ieeetrans document class) from folks that has installed Basictex which is>based on the ' TeX Live Basic scheme ' with the addition of LaTeX recommended>packages ",>"ConTeXt format", "MetaPost (and Metafont) drawing", "pstricks packages" ,>and the "XeTeX macros.">>Can one use  tlmgr to install a collection of fonts that would include the>missing fonts and which collection would have these fonts? Maybe better, is>there A-tlmgr find out which collection have these fonts so I>don ' t has to bother the this list with things?

More usages of ' tlmgr ', please google what do you need.

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3. To be Continued ...

Macbook Pro Install Tex and texeditor and common issues (keep updating)

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