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Chris Payne

September 11, 2000

Everyone knows Ebay is raking into the big bucks. Peer to Peer networking are where it ' s at, and auctions can
Make some serious. While finding the items to sell and attracting people to your auction are up for you,
This article'll show you the How to build a auction that actually works.

Online auctions are marvelous things; Bringing people together to sell things
Amongst themselves, and take a cut to the top. Everyone has something that someone else wants
Idea are Golden-and we all know how-to Ebay is doing.

So now you are want to build a auction, but don ' t know where to start? There is a lot of thought and
Engineering that goes into such a development and so you'll need to "start out on" right foot. We ' ll show
You are the underlying database structures and the things work for a peer to peer auction.

This article would assume you have a good understanding of Active Server Pages and VBScript, and database

How do I start?
The Auction Database
The Logic
Managing Bids
Resolving Bids
Determining A Winner

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