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[1] common MIME types (general type): hypertext markup language text. HTML text/htmlxml document. XML text/xmlxhtml document. XHTML application/XHTML + XML plain text. TXT text/plainrtf text. RTF application/rtfpdf document. PDF application/Microsoft Word file. word application/mswordpng image. PNG Image/pnggif image. GIF image/gifjpeg image. jpg image/jpegau audio file. AU audio/basicmidi music file mid ,. MIDI audio/Midi, audio/X-midirealaudio music file. ra ,. ram audio/X-PN-realaudiompeg file. mpg ,. MPEG Video/mpegavi file. AVI Video/X-msvideogzip file. GZ application/X-gziptar file. tar application/X-tar any binary data application/octet-stream
UsedWAPServerMIME types include:
MRP files (common mobile phones in China) . MRP application/octet-stream
IPA file (iPhone) . IPA application/iPhone-package-Archive
  . Deb application/X-Debian-package-Archive
APK file (Android) . APK application/vnd. Android. Package-Archive
Cab file (Windows Mobile) . Cab application/vnd. Cab-com-Archive
Xap file (Windows Phone 7) . Xap application/X-Silverlight-app
Sisfile (Symbian platform/s60v1) . SIS application/vnd. Symbian. Install-archive * (available below)
Sisx file (Symbian platform/s60v3/V5) . Sisx application/vnd. Symbian. EPOC/X-sisx-app
Jar and Jad files (general mobile phone format on Java platform) Under. Jar. Jad
There is a dedicated IANA organization in the Internet to confirm the standard MIME type, but the Internet is growing too fast, and many applications cannot wait for IANA to confirm that they are using the standard MIME type. Therefore, they use methods starting with X-in the category to identify this category, such as X-gzip and X-tar. In fact, these types are widely used and have become the de facto standard. As long as the client and server acknowledge this mime type together, even if it is not a standard type, the client program can process data according to the MIME type. In web servers and browsers (including operating systems), standard and common MIME types are set by default, the server and client browser must be set for identification. Because the MIME type is related to the document suffix, the server uses the document suffix to distinguish the MIME types of different files. The server must define the correspondence between the document suffix and the MIME type. When a customer program receives data from the server, it only accepts data streams from the server and does not know the document name. Therefore, the server must use additional information to tell the customer program the MIME type of data. Before the server sends real data, it must first send the MIME type information of the Flag data. This information is defined using the Content-Type keyword. For example, for HTML documents, the server will first send the following two lines of mime identification information, which is not part of a real data file. Content-Type: text/html note that the second act is an empty row, which is required to separate mime information from the real data content. Mime utilizes the fact that RFC 822 imposes a limit on the content of the message body: the only restriction is that only simple ASCII text can be used. Therefore, mime information is composed of normal Internet Text emails, text emails have special information headers that comply with RFC 822 and formatted Information bodies (attachments expressed by ASCII subsets ). These MIME headers provide a special way to indicate attachments in the mail. Mime Information AnalysisThe information of a common text mail contains a header (to: From: Subject: and so on) and a part (hello mr., and so on ). It is not surprising that a message header is contained in a mime-compliant message. Each part of the message is called a mime segment, and each segment is prefixed with a special header. Mime mail is only an extension based on RFC 822 mail, but it has its own RFC specification set. Based on the position in the mail package, the header field MIME header is generally divided into the mime information header and the mime field header. (TRANSLATOR: the MIME header refers to the entire mail header, while the MIME header is only the header of each mime segment .) Mime information headers include:Mime-version: This header provides the MIME Version Number used. This value is 1.0. Content-Type: it defines the data type so that the data can be processed properly. Valid types include text, image, audio, video, applications, multipart, and message. Note that any binary attachment should be called application/octet-stream. Some examples of this header are: image/jpg, application/mswork, multipart/mixed, which is only a small part. Content-transfer-encoding: This is the most important one in all headers, because it describes the encoding method for the data, and the customer/Mua will use it to decode the attachment. For each attachment, you can use a encoding method in 7bit, 8bit, binary, quoted-printable, base64, and custom. 7-bit encoding is a common encoding method used in the us ascii character set, that is, to keep it as it is. 8-bit and binary encoding are generally not used. Quoted printable can be used to protect standard human-readable text that is transmitted by gateways that have an impact on the format. Base64 is a common method. When you need to decide which encoding method to use, it provides a free-of-charge option. It is usually used in binary and non-text data. Note that any non-7bit data must be encoded in one mode, so that it can be accessed through Internet Mail Gateway! Content-ID: If the Content-Type is message/external-body or multipart/alternative, this header is useful and beyond the scope of this article. Content-Description: This is an optional Header. It is a free text description of any information segment. The description must use the US-ASCII code. Content-Disposition: a pilot header used to provide a prompt to the customer Program/Mua to determine whether to display the attachment within the row or as a separate attachment. Mime field header (the header that appears in the actual mime attachment part), except the mime-version header, can have any of the above header fields. If a MIME header is part of an information block, it acts on the entire information body. For example, if content-transfer-encoding is displayed in the message header, it is applied to the entire information body, but if it is displayed in a mime segment, it can only be used in that segment. Note: It can automatically decrypt the received emails. Edit this section. The format is followed by the suffix name, followed by the corresponding MIME type (for example, rar application/X-Rar-compressed. RAR corresponds to application/X-Rar-compressed) application/vnd. lotus-1-2-33gp video/3 gppaab application/X-authoware-binaam application/X-authoware-mapaas application/X-authoware-segai application/postscriptaif audio/X-aiffaifc audio/X-aiffaiff audio /X-aiffals audio/X-Alpha5amc application/X-mpegani application/octet-streamasc text/plainasd Pplication/astoundasf video/X-MS-asfasn application/astoundasp application/X-asapasx video/X-MS-asfau audio/basicavb application/octet-streamavi video/X-msvideoawb audio/ amr-wbbcpio application/X-bcpiobin application/octet-streambld application/bldbld2 application/bld2bmp application/X-MS-bmp bpk application/octet-streambz2 application/x-bzip2cal image/X-calsccn application/x -cnccco application/X-C Ocoacdf application/X-netcdfcgi Magnus-Internal/cgichat application/X-chatclass application/octet-streamclp application/X-msclipcmx application/X-cmxco application/x-cult3d-objectcod image/cis-codcpio Application /X-cpiocpt application/MAC-compactprocrd application/X-mscardfilecsh application/X-cshcsm chemical/X-csmlcsml chemical/X-csmlcss text/csscur application/octet-streamdcm X-lml /X-evmdcr appl Ication/X-directordcx image/X-dcxdhtml text/htmldir application/X-directordll application/octet-streamdmg application/octet-streamdms application/octet-streamdoc application/msworddot application/X- dotdvi application/X-dvidwfdrawing/X-dwfdwg application/X-autocaddxf application/X-autocaddxr application/X-directorebk application/X-expandedbookemb chemical/X-embl-DL-nucleus otideembl chemical /X-embl-DL -Nucleus otideeps application/postscriptepub application/Epub + ziperi image/X-eries audio/echospeechetc application/X-earthtimeetxtext/X-setextevm X-lml/X-evmevy application/-envoyexe application/octet-streamfh4 image/x-freehandfh5 image/X-freehandfhc image/X-freehandfif image/export FLV-application/octet-streamfm application/X-makerfpx image/X-fpxfvi video/ isivideogau chemical/X- Gaussian-inputgca application/X-GCA-compressedgdb X-lml/X-gdbgif image/gifgps application/X-gpsgtar application/X-gtargz application/X-gziphdf application/X-hdfhdm text/X-hdmlhdml text/X-hdmlhlp application/winhlphqxapplication/mac-binhex40htm text/htmlhtml text/htmlhts text/htmlice X-conference/X-cooltalkico application/octet-streamief image/iew.m Image /gififs image/ifsimy audio/melodyins applic Ation/X-net-installips application/X-ipscriptipx application/X-ipixit audio/X-moditz audio/X-modivr I-World/i-vrmlj2k image/j2kjad text/vnd. sun. j2s. app-descriptorjam application/X-jamjar application/Java-archivejnlp application/X-Java-JNLP-filejpe image/export JPEG image/export jpg image/export jpz image/export JS application/X-export criptjwc Application /jwckjx application/X-kjxaks X-lml/X-laklatex applicatio N/X-latexsvc application/fastmanlcl application/X-digitallocalcr application/X-digitallocalgh application/lghlha application/octet-streamlml X-lml/X-lmllmlpack X-lml/X-lmlpacklsf video/X-MS-asflsx video/X-MS-asflzh application/x-lzhm13 application/x-msmediaviewm14 application/x-msmediaviewm15 audio/x-modm3u audio/x-mpegurlm3url audio/x-mpegurlma1 audio/ma1ma2 audio/ma2ma3 audio/ ma3ma5 audio/ma5man Application/X-troff-manmap Magnus-Internal/imagemapmbd application/mbedletmct application/X-mascotmdb application/msaccessmdz audio/X-modme application/X-troff-Memel text/X-vmelmi application/X-mifmid audio/midimidi audio/midimif application/X-mifmil image/X-calsmio audio/X-miommf application/X-SKT-lbsmng video/X-mngmny application/ x-msmoneymoc application/X-mochamocha application/X-mochamod Audi O/X-modmof application/X-yumekaramol chemical/X-MDL-molfilemop chemical/X-mopac-inputmov video/quicktimemovie video/x-sgi-moviemp2 audio/x-mpegmp3 audio/x-mpegmp4 video/mp4mpc Application /vnd. mpohun. certificatempe video/mpegmpeg video/mpegmpg video/mpegmpg4 video/mp4mpga audio/mpegmpn application/vnd. mophun. applicationmpp application/vnd. MS-projectmps application/X-mapservermrl text/X-mrmlmrm appl Ication/X-mrmms application/X-troff-msmts application/metastreammtapplication/metastreammtz application/metastreammzv application/metastreamnar application/zipnbmp image/nbmpnc application/X-netcdfndb X-lml/x -ndbndwn application/ndwnnif application/X-nifnmz application/X-screamnokia-op-logo image/vnd. nok-oplogo-colornpx application/X-netfpxnsnd audio/nsndnva application/x-neva1oda application/OD Aoom application/X-atlasmate-pluginpac audio/X-pacpae audio/X-epacpan application/X-panpbm image/X-portable-bitmappcx image/X-pcxpda image/X-pdapdb chemical/X-pdbpdf application/pdfpfr application/font-tdpfrpgm image/X-portable-graymappict image/X-pictpm application/X-perlpmd application/X-pmdpng image/pngpnm image/ x-portable-anymappnz image/pngpot application/vnd. MS-powerpointppm image/X-portable -Pixmappps application/vnd. MS-powerpointppt application/vnd. MS-powerpointpqf application/X-cprplayerpqi application/cprplayerprc application/X-prcproxy application/X-NS-proxy-autoconfigps application/postscriptptlk application/listenuppub application/X-mspublisherpvx video/x- PV-pvxqcp audio/vnd. qcelpqt video/quick timeqti image/X-quicktimeqtif image/x-quicktimer3t text/vnd. rn-realtext3dra audio/X-P. N-realaudioram audio/X-PN-realaudiorar application/octet-streamras image/X-CMU-rasterrdf application/RDF + xmlrf image/vnd. rn-realflashrgb image/X-rgbrlf application/X-richlinkrm audio/X-PN-realaudiormf audio/X-rmfrmm audio/X-PN-realaudiormvb audio/X-PN-realaudiornx Application /vnd. rn-realplayerroff application/X-troffrp image/vnd. rn-realpixrpm audio/X-PN-RealAudio-pluginrt text/vnd. rn-realtextrte x -Lml/X-gpsrtf application/rtfrtg application/metastreamrtx text/richtextrv video/vnd. rn-realvideorwc application/x-rogerwilcos3m audio/x-mods3z audio/X-modsca application/X-supercardscd application/X-msschedulesdf application/e-scoresea application/X-stuffitsgmtext/X-sgmlsgml text/ x-sgmlsh application/X-shshar application/X-sharshtml Magnus-Internal/parsed-htmlshw application/presentationssi6 imag E/si6si7 image/vnd. stiwap. sissi9 image/vnd. lgtwap. sissis application/vnd. symbian. installsit application/X-stuffitskd application/X-koanskm application/X-koanskp application/X-koanskt application/X-koanslc application/X-salsasmd audio/X-smdsmi application/smilsmil Application /smilsmp application/studiomsmz audio/X-smdsnd audio/basicspc text/X-speechspl application/futuresplashspr application/X-spri Tesprite application/X-spritesdp application/sdpspt application/X-sptsrc application/X-WAIS-sourcestk application/hyperstudiostm audio/x-modsv4cpio application/x-sv4cpiosv4crc application/x-sv4crcsvf image/vndsvg image/SVG- xmlsvh image/svhsvr X-World/X-svrswf application/X-Shockwave-flashswfl application/X-Shockwave-flasht application/X-trofftad application/octet-streamtalk text/X-speechtar applic Ation/X-tartaz application/X-tartbp application/X-timbuktutbt application/X-timbuktutcl application/X-tcltex application/X-textexi application/X-texinfotexinfo application/X-texinfotgz application/X-tarthmapplication/vnd. eri. thmtif image/export TIFF image/export TKI application/X-tkinedtkined application/X-tkinedtoc application/toctoy image/toytr application/X-trofftrk X-lml/X-gpstrm application/X-mster Minaltsi audio/tsplayertsp application/dsptypetsv text/TAB-separated-valuesttf application/octet-streamttz application/t-timetxt text/plainult audio/X-modustar application/X-ustaruu application/x -Your application/X-container application/X-cdlinkvcf text/X-vcardvdo video/vdovib audio/vibviv video/vivovivo video/vivovmd application/vocaltec-media-descvmf application/vocaltec- media-filevmi Pplication/X-Dreamcast-VMS-infovms application/X-Dreamcast-vmsvox audio/voxwarevqe audio/X-twinvq-pluginvqf audio/X-twinvqvql audio/X-twinvqvre X-World/ x-vreamvrml X-World/X-vrmlvrt X-World/X-vrtvrw X-World/X-vreamvts workbook/formulaonewav audio/X-wavwax audio/X-MS-waxwbmp Image /vnd. WAP. wbmp web application/vnd. xarawi image/waveletwis application/X-installshieldwm video/X-MS-wmwma audio/X-MS-wmawm D Application/X-MS-wmdwmf application/X-msmetafilewml text/vnd. WAP. wmlwmlc application/vnd. WAP. wmlcwmls text/vnd. WAP. wmlscriptwmlsc application/vnd. WAP. wmlscriptcwmlscript text/vnd. WAP. wmlscriptwmv video/X-MS-wmvwmx video/X-MS-wmxwmz application/X-MS-wmzwpng image/X-Up-wpngwpt X-lml/X-gpswri application/X- mswritewrl X-World/X-vrmlwrz X-World/X-vrmlws text/vnd. WAP. wmlscriptwsc application/vnd. WAP. W Mlscriptcwv video/waveletwvx video/X-MS-wvxwxl application/X-wxlx-gzipapplication/X-gzipxar application/vnd. xaraxbm image/X-xbitmapxdm application/X-xdmaxdma application/X-xdmaxdw application/uuworksxht application/XHTML + xmlxhtm application/XHTML + xmlxhtml application/XHTML + xmlxla application/vnd. MS-excelxlc application/vnd. MS-excelxll application/X-excelxlm application/vnd. MS-Excel XLS application/vnd. MS-excelxlt application/vnd. MS-excelxlw application/vnd. MS-excelxm audio/X-modxml text/xmlxmz audio/X-modxpi application/X-xpinstallxpm image/X-xpixmapxsit text/xmlxsl text/xmlxul text/xulxwd image/X-xwindowdumpxyz chemical/x-pdbyz1 application/x-yz1z application/X-compresszac application/X-zaurus-zaczip application/zip edit this section Transfer Encoding content Transfer Encoding (content-transfer-encoding ), this area allows characters other than ASCII to be specified. Encoding method is possible. The format is as follows: Content-transfer-encoding: [mechanic]The value of the mechanism can be "7bit", "8bit", "binary", "quoted-printable", or "base64 ". 7bit7bit refers to the 7-bit ASCII encoding method. 8bit8-bit ASCII code. Binary Quoted-printableBecause some characters in Europe are partially the same as those in the ASCII character set. If mail messages are in these languages, the characters that overlap ASCII can be used as is, and the characters that do not exist in the ASCII character set are in the form of "= ??" . Here "?" You must specify the hexadecimal number after encoding. The length of a message encoded with quoted-printable is not too long, and most of the messages are ASCII characters. Even if the message is not decoded, the content of the message can be roughly understood. Base64Base64 is an encoding method that converts binary 01 sequences into ASCII characters. The encoded text or binary message can be transmitted using SMTP and other protocols that only support ASCII characters. Base64 is generally considered to increase the message length by an average of 33%. Moreover, encoded messages are not readable to humans. X-encodingnameThis value is reserved extension.
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